5 Engagement Ring Designers to Know in 2020

5 Engagement Ring Designers to Know in 2020

Could this year be the one? Many starry-eyed lovers have their sights set on making memories in 2020. Launching into a new decade as a pair is a romantic way to show how sure you are that you’ll be there for one another through many decades to come. Through thick and thin, platinum and gold, halo and solitaire, Lux Bond & Green has just the engagement ring designers for you. Whether you’re casually browsing or taking serious notes, there’s no bad time to plan an engagement, whether it be Spring, Summer, Fall or next year’s holiday season. Pop the question with confidence with a ring from one of Lux Bond & Green’s favorite engagement ring designers. Here are some of our top picks for 2020:

Hearts on Fire - This designer is world-renowned for the planet’s most superior diamond cutting. Intensity is Hearts on Fire’s middle name! When nothing but perfection will do, turn to classics done exquisitely, like the Signature Collection Setting or the Isabelle Setting, both in platinum. Platinum is a growing favorite for engagement and wedding ring band metals because platinum is more rare, dense, and has a special heavy quality in comparison to sterling silver or any variety of gold. It is also harder and more durable than these other metals. Pull out all the stops, with the Transcend Premier Halo diamond engagement ring, which raises a more than 1 carat center diamond above a .59 carat halo and diamond band. Or, if you love the classis qualities of a gold band, you won’t be able to resist the Euphoria diamond ring, including 1.55 carats of diamonds, both at its center and glittering around the band, set in 18k white gold. Hearts on Fire diamond engagement rings and settings are a glorious choice.

Precision Set- When a product is completely made in the USA, you can shop with confidence. With a legacy of excellent craftsmanship, you’ll like what you see from Precision Set’s variety of settings. The Solitaire in 18k white gold, which has a four prong setting and diamond band ready for a 1.5 carat stone, or the New Aire Halo setting in 18k white gold, with a diamond halo, brushed band, and availability to fit a variety of center stone sizes, make it easy to imagine slipping onto your loved one’s finger for the first time. From the design phase, to making and distributing, Precision Set jewelry is envisioned and born under one roof, in Dallas, Texas, and we can vouch that the results are not only quality, but they’re also on-trend.

Naledi- With Naledi, you can have it all—a dedication to sustainability, creativity, and innovative designs. The Ariana Style Halo is a fantastic example of a contemporary aesthetic, with .77 diamond carats set in 18k white gold, and infinity crosses on either side of the band, a halo, and round brilliant center diamond. Find old world glamour in the Ashby Style Five-Stone, where the center diamond is flanked by two round brilliant diamonds on either side, in 18k white gold. The sleekest option by far, is the Mackenzie, which flaunts a smooth 18k white gold band, swooping right into a four-prong set 1.02 carat stone. Naledi does all of these contrasting styles equally beautifully, and we recommend keeping tabs on this designer for engagement ring shopping in 2020.

Henri Daussi – If you’re looking for expertly-crafted cutting edge engagement ring designs, we can confidently recommend Henri Daussi’s collections. Much of the innovation in diamond cutting technology over the last century can be traced back to Henri Daussi and his family. Daussi’s “scaif,” a revolutionary diamond polishing wheel, even allowed him to cut the first perfectly heart-shaped diamond in the world. Ever since, Henri Daussi’s career has been followed and admired by fine jewelry critics around the world. Perhaps our favorite pick for 2020, is Henri Daussi’s 18K while gold halo engagement ring, which features a 1.07 carat cushion cut center stone surrounded by a diamond pave halo. Henri Daussi’s engagement rings are available at Lux Bond & Green’s Connecticut and Massachusetts locations. Stop in today or schedule an appointment to see the latest collections in person.

Lux Bond & Green - You’ll find that Lux Bond & Green’s own engagement ring designs are some of the most daring in our collection. We offer a variety of styles including dazzling, almost too-stunning to be real engagement rings, like this 6 carat round diamond set in platinum, and this Ina wide band setting in platinum, with a 3.45 radiant cut diamond. Or, there are also eye-catching three-stone rings to consider available in platinum with round diamonds, and in oval diamonds. Cushion cut? Well, did you want one with a single line of pave diamonds down the band, or a double line? It’s hard to choose!

Lux Bond & Green has a legacy of clients who have been trusting our fine jewelry for generations, and we know that even within a family, or amongst contemporaries, tastes can more varied than you might think possible. In our 122 years of business, we’ve also seen our way around a few diamonds, and we have an extensive collection of loose diamonds to browse. Use our custom Diamond Search Tool to sort and browse your way to a shape and size you love. This tool is handy for education, or to match up the stone of your choice with a setting, for a completely custom design.

With so many options when it comes to selecting an engagement ring, it can get a little overwhelming. After all, it’s one of the most important purchases you’ll make in your lifetime, and we want you to get it right! It’s actually one of the things we do best. Come in for a consultation with Lux Bond & Green’s knowledgeable and non-commissioned staff members, who can guide you to the selection that will shine for you in so many ways. Give us a call, at 1-800-524-7336 or visit us online, to get your journey started.