Tag Heuer Watches

TAG Heuer

Made for precision at five ten-thousandths of a second, TAG Heuer watches are the epitome of perfection in sports racing accuracy. Since 1860, this Swiss watchmaker has pushed the boundaries of mechanical excellence for timepieces, when Edouard Heuer laid down the foundations of the Heuer brand on family leadership and technical innovation. Lux Bond & Green shares humble beginnings in the 19th century with a business built on similar pillars, making us an especially proud authorized dealer of TAG Heuer watches. TAG Heuer watches are created with the utmost attention to every step of the arduous process, from hand-polishing the case to pad-printing and hand-painting each dial with photo-luminescence. Every TAG Heuer watches’ balance spring is delicately added by hand, and then the pieces are assembled by watchmakers. TAG Heuer watches are designed to be comfortable and to stand up to all the activities that you apply yourself to, be it racing, flying, swimming, or heading to the office daily. Each timepiece is subjected to rigorous testing, including shock absorbency, water resistance, chronograph accuracy, and bracelet torsion for all types of bands. A TAG Heuer watch’s durability and unflinching dedication to accuracy are unmatched.


The history of Heuer and TAG Heuer is peppered with fascinating accomplishments. Edouard Heuer was just 20 when he opened his watch-making shop. Heuer timepieces originally held on a pocket chain were soon installed on the dashboards of planes and automobiles, making their way onto wrists by the 1930s. The rise of entertainment sports in the early 20th century brought a need for accurate judgment, entwining timekeeping and athletics in a new and exciting way. Much of the TAG Heuer spirit is still based on this culture of strength, competition, and panache. 


In 1969, the first automatic chronographs were created, with models called Autavia, Carrera, and Monaco. In 1985, Heuer became TAG Heuer and modernized in ways that today characterize the brand’s well-known designs, such as Formula 1. TAG Heuer’s most popular designs are found at Lux Bond & Green and include the Carrera, Formula 1, Aquaracer, Monaco, Autavia, and Link. There are gorgeous styles for men and ladies in sporty and glamorous looks. Watches with diamonds can be shopped with confidence because TAG Heuer is committed to the Kimberly Process which endeavors to reduce the flow of conflict diamonds. TAG Heuer watches have been coveted by celebrities and notable people, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Gosling, Will Smith, and Barack Obama. Try one on for yourself at a Connecticut or Massachusetts Lux Bond & Green location to bring home an heirloom-quality timepiece for generations to come.