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Rolex Certified Pre‑Owned

Our Latest Certified Pre‑Owned Watches

Lux Bond & Green is proud to be part of the network of Official Rolex Retailers, authorized to sell Rolex Certified Pre‑Owned timepieces.

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Rolex CPO at Lux Bond & Green
Rolex CPO at Lux Bond & Green

A unique experience

Exclusive rolex certified pre‑owned showrooms

Enjoy a unique experience at one of our elegant Rolex Certified Pre‑Owned showrooms, beautifully designed to exhibit a large selection of timepieces, including Rolex's most iconic models.
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Rolex CPO at Lux Bond & Green

The Rolex Certification

The two-year international Rolex guarantee

Delivered at the time of sale, the Rolex Certified Pre‑Owned guarantee card officially confirms that the watch is genuine on the date of purchase and guarantees its proper functioning for a period of of two years from this date,in accordance with guarantee manual.
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Rolex CPO at Lux Bond & Green