Paspaley Pearls



Pearls are not just a passion, but a way of life for the Paspaley family. In the early 1900s, the Paspaleys arrived in Kimberley, Australia, from the Greek island of Kasellorizo. Young Nicholas Paspeley found work in the dominant trade of the region, pearling. He learned the ropes of pearl hunting and diving before purchasing a boat, chartering a crew, and founding Paspaley. Global changes in the 1950s, including the effects of World War II, changing market demands, and negative impacts on pearl’s natural habitats in Australia pushed Nicholas to consider alternative, more sustainable pearl harvesting methods. The innovations that had recently emerged in Japan inspired Nicholas to attempt cultivation with the South Sea pearl oyster, Pincada maxima. With close attention, Paspaley perfected a hands-on technique that results in gorgeous pearls of a substantial size with thick nacre and rich luster. Paspaley Pearls are among the most sought-after pearls in the world due to their unmatched beauty.


Lux Bond & Green is so pleased to bring Paspaley pearl jewelry from Australia to our U.S. customers. Lavalier pendant and earring designs are some of the most popular from our collection. The lavalier setting features a pearl encased in a fine net of white or yellow gold that moves like liquid mesh around its prized pearl. This setting keeps the pearl in perfect condition: no need for holes or drilling! Other Paspaley bracelet, necklace, rings, and earring designs are inspired by the features of the boats used to care for and cultivate pearls. These designs take notes from the shape of navigation tools, chains for hoisting, and ropes for rigging. Paspaley pearl jewelry is unique, artisanal, and sensual. Find a Paspaley treasure that speaks to you at your local authorized retailer, Lux Bond & Green–online, or at your nearest store!