William Yeoward Crystal

Wiliam Yeoward

Few home furnishing designers are as skilled in such diverse materials as William Yeoward. This designer produces work in crystal and bone china but also offers lighting, rugs, furniture, upholstery, wall coverings such as wallpaper and paint, and home accessories such as pillows, mirrors, and frames. William Yeoward tragically lost his life in 2019 to a battle with cancer. This loss is deeply felt throughout the artistic community, and William will be remembered as a style-maker and a tireless creative thinker whose work will live on in homes around the world with the company still focused on his designs and core values.


William Yeoward began his career with a dazzling showcase of his talent for collection and curation in 1985 by bringing together antiques and upholstered and bespoke furniture to fill his first store on fashionable King’s Road, Chelsea. His style is dubbed “Modern British,” and William was always known for his keen attention to detail and for using excellent quality materials. In 1995, William Yeoward decided to do something about the lack of high-quality contemporary crystal. He had long admired vintage crystal glassware from the 18th and 19th centuries and felt there was little new glassware on the market that even came close to rivaling their beauty. William teamed up with Timothy Jenkins, a European crystal expert and artisan, to create William Yeoward Crystal. William Yeoward Crystal is inspired by the Georgian glass design elements both men so admired, but their designs are also practical for use on today’s dining room tables around the world. Each crystal glass takes multiple hours of work to complete, and the results are outstanding. Besides Georgian-style crystal, William Yeoward also creates country-inspired glassware, which has simple and honest lines and smooth surfaces with comfortable handles and rims. Another William Yeoward collection is roaring 20s-inspired, featuring accouterments for the home bar, such as coup and martini glasses that evoke the lively, upbeat spirit of the Jazz Age.


At Lux Bond & Green, we have an eclectic collection of William Yeoward Crystal vases, barware, wine glasses, decanters, pitchers, frames, and servers. Elegance is the common denominator between vessels featuring varied techniques like etching, hand-cut faceting, and hand-blown shapes. William Yeoward Crystal is a favorite gift for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings. Lux Bond & Green carries sets of glasses, such as tumblers and goblets, and stunning vase, bowls and frames that will make a memorable impact.