Mikimoto Pearls

Pearls are one of the most fabled jewelry choices. Their cultivation is unlike that of any other precious natural substance! These luxurious treasures of the sea are the only gem made by a living creature. Though pearls have been harvested from the ocean depths for millennia, when Kokichi Mikimoto created the first cultured pearl in 1893 in Japan, he revolutionized access to pearls and gorgeous pearl jewelry for people all over the world. By blending a Japanese aesthetic with European decorative elements inspired by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau movements, Mikimoto developed a distinguished line of pearl jewelry bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings that are as popular today as they were more than 125 years ago. Mikimoto pearl designs are sophisticated and timeless. Whether you don just one pearl in a pendant drop necklace or layer long pearl strands and bracelets, any look from Mikimoto offers the wearer maximum elegance. 


Throughout history, pearls have been associated with feminine symbols such as water, the moon, and Venus, the ancient Roman goddess of love. It is still common for brides to wear pearls, which symbolize not just femininity but also purity and fertility. However, pearls are not reserved just for females. Kings once wore them to emanate wealth. Today, some high-profile male celebrities, including baseball players and music icons, also opt for pearls. 


Mikimoto pearls are regarded as the most prestigious variety of pearl gems, thanks to the designer’s discerning rules for pearl selection. A Mikimoto pearl is lustrous and reflective, evenly textured, spherical, and evenly colored. A strand of Mikimoto pearls is a jewelry box must-have for everyone!

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