Lux Bond & Green has been advising clients on their purchases of diamonds since 1898. Our dedication to quality and value has been a tradition of our fifth generation family business. Our professional staff of trained gemologists, master goldsmiths, highly skilled buyers and sales associates provides you with the knowledge and understanding of the four C's of diamonds; cut, color, clarity and carat weight, as you select the diamond that's right for you. A true ideal diamond makes up a very small percentage of the thousands of diamonds cut every year. For every million diamonds mined, only one will meet high enough standards to become a Lux Bond & Green true ideal diamond. An "ideal diamond" is a term used to describe a diamond that has been cut to meet exact standards of proportions, symmetry and polish. The proper combination of these factors maximizes the amount of light that enters the diamond and minimizes the light lost from its sides and bottom. This efficiency produces an exceptionally beautiful and brilliant diamond. When viewed through the diamond viewer, your Lux Diamond will exhibit a perfect arrangement of eight symmetrical and crisp hearts from the bottom and eight equally spaced vivid arrows when viewed from the top.


Most diamonds are cut to achieve two goals: first, to yield the maximum weight of the rough diamond, and second, to achieve the most beautiful diamond. Your Lux Diamond is cut with perfection and beauty as its ultimate goal, sacrificing more raw material to produce the final diamond. This, coupled with the attention to symmetry, proportion and polish, accounts for why your Lux Diamond costs more than a similarly sized diamond. There is a price for perfection! Laser inscribed on the girdle of your Lux Diamond will be the diamond weight, the Lux logo, and the term H&A (Hearts & Arrows) in addition to the GIA grading report number.