Lux Bond & GReen


As respected corporate citizens within our communities and our industry Lux Bond & Green maintains highly developed standards towards social, environmental, and business practices. Each generation of the Green family has committed their time and energies to the fundamental principles of leadership, honesty and setting an example for the industry to follow. As we celebrate our 126th year as a family jewelry, watch and gift store, our commitment has never been stronger to working to improve on our past successes and create a business and industry that is keenly focused on community values, social responsibilities, environmental integrity and sound business practices. We invite your thoughts and participation to that continual improvement.


Leading by example is a Lux Bond & Green tradition. Both John Green and Marc Green held senior leadership positions in creating responsible guidelines through the Jewelers of America, Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Manufacturers Jewelry & Silversmiths Alliance, Jewelers Security Alliance, Gemological Institute of America, and other industry organizations. It has been through this leadership, both personally and representing Lux Bond & Green, that many of the mandates for supply chain practices have been instituted in conjunction with United States government oversight. From the 1999 approval of the Kimberly Process, Lux Bond & Green has been passionately involved to create a forward-thinking industry. These initiatives and organizations have had positive effects on our environment through responsible mining and education, through the social practices of our industry, toward beneficiation to those most affected by the mining and always being mindful as a custodian for consumer trust in our industry.


Lux Bond & Green is proud of the affiliations we have achieved in the jewelry industry. These jewelry and related organizations assure strict ethical, social, business and environmental standards within our jewelry supply chain. In addition, Lux Bond & Green expects all of our business partners to demonstrate responsible business practices and set high standards for business ethics, human rights, and safe environmental practices. It is imperative that our business partners up and down the supply chain abide the policies, systems, and procedures which Lux Bond & Green has put in place. Our Responsible Business Partner Policy is designed to clearly show Lux Bond & Green’s commitment to work with others who share our core values and who responsibly manage the operational, social, and environmental facets of their business.


Lux Bond & Green has been an early advocate of protecting our environment through signing on to the “Too Precious to Wear” Coral Pledge protecting our coral reefs by strictly following the Kimberly Process and by asking each and every vendor to sign a commitment letter stating how they follow their own responsible social, environmental and business practices. We understand that it takes our collective efforts to cause change in every aspect of our business from the boxes and bags we purchase to our energy use and the multiple resources we need to run our family business. We are committed to sustaining our earth’s resources, our employees’ health, and the well-being of our community through these evolving guidelines.

Lux Bond & Green has signed a pledge to protect coral.

Corals need your help. Found throughout the world, these animals are threatened by climate change, ocean acidification, pollution and increasing consumer demand. Reducing the impact on precious, deep-sea coral varieties that frequently are used for jewelry or decorative objects is one area that can easily be addressed by conscientious consumers and those in the jewelry industry. :

There is hope. By refusing to use real coral in jewelry or home decor, we can help protect these species. By exercising your right as a consumer, designer, or jewelry retailer, you can reduce the pressure these species face, allowing their populations to recover.


At Lux Bond & Green, we take great pride in conducting our business with the utmost integrity, fairness, and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Offering beautiful and timeless jewelry, watches, and gifts to the consumer requires strong partnerships with vendors, suppliers, and outside contractors including everyone from electrical contractors to janitorial services to outside auditors. Whatever role one of our business partners plays in helping us bring the product to our clients, we expect them to adhere to the same policies and procedures we set forth for our own employees. These expectations include but are not limited to:

  • Compliance with applicable laws and regulations in the state or country in which they conduct business.
  • Fair and dignified treatment of all workers including respecting human rights such as a safe work environment and not subjecting any worker to harassment or discrimination. \
  • Transparency and accuracy in all business dealings as well as accurately recording all financial transactions in compliance with applicable accounting standards and recognized business practice.
  • Avoid any situation or relationship that may involve an inappropriate conflict or the appearance of a conflict with Lux Bond & Green.

If Lux Bond & Green is made aware that one of our business partners has violated any aspect of this policy, we will take swift action to address the violation with the business owners/management and will decide regarding the action(s) to be taken. Any Lux Bond & Green employee who has concerns about the actions of one of our business partners should report their concerns to senior management. All workers who speak out about such an issue are protected from retaliation.


Charitable Giving continues to be a cornerstone of our family’s belief in community and corporate responsibility, and it dates to our founder and great grandfather M. A. Green and the generations who carried on the family traditions. Our annual involvement with charitable foundations, civic organizations and community events is well documented. Our frequent meetings from the requests of our community are thoughtfully debated and difficult decisions are made to protect the health of the staff and the communities we serve. In addition to charitable giving, we continue to support the livelihood of our communities through our sponsorship of the local little leagues, Travelers Championship, Boston Red Sox, Westport Playhouse, Berkshire Hills Music Academy, Westport Public Library and many worthy organizations to ensure a strong cultural and responsible environment for our staff and customers.


Lux Bond & Green has continued a family tradition with leadership positions and partnerships in our industry associations which insure strict ethical, social, business, and environmental standards within our jewelry supply chain. Today, that importance has become a business standard, and we are proud to support these leading organizations