There is a place in the green valleys just below the Finger Lakes in lush New York State, called Corning, in Steuben Country. This is the world-renowned glass blower’s namesake, Steuben. In 1903, Frederick Carter created Steuben glass, seeking to perfect the most reflective and refractive crystal formula. The luxury and joy of Steuben's designs come from the exquisite crystal quality used to make them. 


After fifteen years in business, Steuben became incorporated into Corning, a glass science, ceramic science, and optical physics company whose top value is quality. Corning, New York, has a rich history and affinity for glass and American art history and is also home to both the Corning Museum of Glass and the Rockwell Museum, not to mention countless galleries and small glass-blowing studios.

Steuben relishes creating hand-made objects, including stemware, vases, animal sculptures, candlesticks, and other decor for the home. Steuben bowls and cases are created with striking bases, often inspired by nature. Crystal hand coolers in seamless animal forms are a fan-favorite for the home or the office. The tradition of a hand cooler comes from the 18th and 19th centuries when ladies at dances would take a refreshing moment to cool their hands down with a glass, porcelain, or marble egg. Steuben hand cooler shapes are made to pleasurably fit in the palm and impart a moment of bliss, at any time! 


Steuben has a long and incredibly illustrious history of collaborating with artists and exhibitors and appealing to the most discerning collectors. Four Steuben pieces are included in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and every president since 1947 has received a Steuben gift. In 1964, Martin Luther King Jr. was presented with an engraved Steuben bowl for winning the Nobel Peace prize, and world leaders have gifted Steuben glass in many acts of friendship and goodwill, for instance from Ronald Reagan to Princess Diana and Prince Charles, and from Bill Clinton to Crown Prince and Princess Hirohito of Japan. By Steuben’s 104th birthday, Steuben counted itself in the collections of 47 major museums worldwide. Still today, many Steuben designs are made in partnership with contemporary artists, contributing to the variety in the Steuben collection.


Lux Bond & Green is proud to be an authorized dealer of Steuben glass, which is not found in many retail locations. Luxurious Steuben glass objects are available at our West Hartford, CT location, and by visiting us online. 


Lux Bond & Green’s versatile engraving services can easily turn a Steuben crystal into an award for any special person, be they an employee, a donor, a winner, or an honorary achiever. Steuben makes excellent canvases of smooth and hand-polished crystal, primed for thoughtful engraving. We are happy to help with your custom engraving project.