Custom Employee Awards to Recognize Your Team

Custom Employee Awards to Recognize Your Team

A job well done deserves a pause in the daily grind. Good leaders know that recognizing an individual, a team, a department, or the entire company, can result in many different benefits such as increased morale, better productivity, and stronger retention. When employees feel seen, they are more satisfied, and they often do a better job. They feel motivated to climb higher and strive towards incentives. Annual awards, as well as significant milestone awards, such as a 15th or 20th work anniversary, are a great way to encourage employees and recognize top performers. First, second, third place, and participation awards of increasing value are another type of employee award that can infuse a healthy spirit of competition into any goals meeting. You see, no matter what awards program you employ, your generous employee awards are tokens of appreciation that do so much to drive forward business imperatives and strengthen company culture.

Now, not all employee awards are created equal. They can be as understated as a verbal shout-out during a meeting, or as extravagant as a luxurious spa retreat. However, any announcement or honorary outing is best partnered with a physical award to mark the moment. A plaque hanging in the common area, or an object for the desk, allows the employee to continue basking in the limelight and savoring your gratitude. At Lux Bond & Green, we invite you to recognize your team in the form of custom employee awards!

Sizing the award to the achievement can seem complicated at first, but answering a few simple questions can help you land on the perfect resolution:

  • How many employees are being awarded?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how large was the achievement?
  • When and where would you like to present the awards?
  • What is your budget?

These questions will help guide you into making reasonable choices. For example, etched crystal vases are probably not the best option for an off-site ski trip where they would need to be packed into suitcases. Watches, on the other hand, make great awards for off-site trips.

One helpful method of handling your workplace awards budget is to map out gift spending over the entire fiscal year. Account for any regular or recurring awards and add additional budget for unexpected achievements. When an employee does something exceptional, you’ll be relieved to have recognition funds accounted for and ready to go. Now, with a clear path to the quantity, size, shape, and cost of the present, allow Lux Bond & Green to guide you through our favorite ideas for custom employee awards, and how best to personalize them.

Lux Bond & Green’s monogram and engraving options make it easy to have virtually anything emblazoned with the company logo, the employee’s name, a saying or quote, or an artistic design, to name a few ideas. There are so many ways to say, “thank you!” You may want to take advantage of these services when customizing popular awards like:

  • Trophies 
  • Leather wallets 
  • Wall plaques 
  • Paperweights 
  • Desktop phone holders 
  • Picture frames 
  • Metal medallions 
  • Leather briefcases 
  • Watches 
  • Ceramic mugs 
  • Sweatshirts 
  • Luxury Pens

Some of these gifts are more appropriate for smaller accomplishments, or those made by group effort. Mugs and other desktop items are typically budget-friendly and offer a kind nod to many. Other gifts, such as personalized watches or leather goods are best saved for your top performers. If you’ve already designed your budget, you’ll have funds for both!

It is very important to select a purveyor of gifts that will treat each award with care and professionalism, because customizing employee presents is such a delicate hands-on process. Lux Bond & Green’s experts will consult with you and help you place your custom message on your gift. We’ll analyze the size of the message, its character count, font, and styling. We also offer design advice. For example, we’ll make sure that your personalization both fits on the object’s surface and complements it. Lux Bond & Green is dedicated to getting each mark right, whether it’s just one special silver picture frame or one hundred glass paperweights! This is just one reason why we are the Official Trophy Maker for the Travelers Championship. Our services are trusted not only by corporate America but also by golf’s greats!

Whenever planning for a personalized employee gift, ensure that you allot plenty of time for the customization process. You’ll need to submit your design ideas, then review and approve a proof before production begins. Just in case, you may want to anticipate a couple of weeks for the creation process, but rest assured that we will give you a time estimate at the outset of conversations about your project. If you’re having items shipped, expect standard shipping times before you have the gifts in your hands. So, while year-end awards may not be on your mind in October, submitting your custom order well in advance of the company holiday extravaganza will alleviate stress and ensure that Lux Bond & Green has the time we need to provide our complete attention to your personalized gifts.

Employee recognition is a wonderful way to grow a more positive environment in the workplace. Spread more joy all around with custom employee awards from Lux Bond & Green!