LAGOS Jewelry


True artists find inspiration in the most fanciful places. A silver spoon laden with a rare delicacy is the source of Steven Lagos’ brand of fine American jewelry, launched in 1977. Lagos was a young man of 20, living in Philadelphia. He felt that luxurious jewelry should be attainable, wearable, and confidence-boosting. After a few years of learning from other jewelers, his ethos towards jewelry led him to create the LAGOS signature: Caviar. From his roots in experimenting with sculpting spoons into jewelry grew a sophisticated concept. In LAGOS Caviar designs, smooth beads are connected rope-like into irresistibly textured jewelry that is functional and eye-catching. LAGOS uses this Caviar texture to create earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings, not to mention timepiece bracelets. It is the wearable, beautiful design concept that connects all LAGOS jewelry. 


Born to a family of creative people, Lagos was raised with his ear to the ground for culture. He is inspired by travel, art, and human connection. The designer doesn’t see his work as art itself, feeling that jewelry’s functional nature is antithetical to art’s purpose. By way of his constant search for the bridge between style and life, in 2018, LAGOS created the first Caviar bracelet for an Apple Smart Watch, called the Smart Caviar. These bracelet designs are an enormous success for Apple Watch wearers who don’t want to sacrifice fashion for the latest and greatest wearable technology. After all, the smart, confident, curious woman is the customer that Stephen Lagos had in mind when he set out to create his successful brand.


LAGOS Caviar designs can be found in sterling silver, yellow gold, and ceramic in a variety of colors, with inlaid diamonds and gemstones like topaz, garnet, peridot, and amethyst. The Black Caviar, White Caviar, and Blue Caviar lines are playful, with layered smooth ceramic beads. The Maya and Covet styles feature mother-of-pearl and onyx stations, the Luna collection features pearls, and the Lux, Spark, High Bar, and Newport lines are bedecked with yellow gold and diamonds. The iterations of Caviar rope, bangle, link, and cuff styles are astounding. The softness of every design, along with the consistent patterning of the Caviar surface makes LAGOS designs highly mix-and-matchable.


Stephen Lagos has purposefully chosen to keep his brand in Philadelphia for many of the same reasons we at Lux Bond & Green love our local Massachusetts and Connecticut cities and towns. Lagos enjoys the authenticity of Philadelphia, its diverse neighborhoods, nice people, and its door to the world given its proximity to New York City. At Lux Bond & Green, we are proud to serve our New England patrons, as well as our global clientele, with six brick-and-mortar locations, and a big world-wide-web presence with our online shop, fully-stocked with certified LAGOS jewelry. Shop today to explore more from this designer!