Ippolita Rostagno is the namesake, founder, owner, designer, and CEO behind IPPOLITA fine jewelry. Ippolita was born and raised just outside of Florence, the daughter of an American and an Italian. Her work and aesthetic are exceptionally influenced by Italian culture, particularly the Italian way of thinking that nothing should go to waste and that less is more. Ippolita’s studies in sculpture and ceramics laid the groundwork for her future in handmade jewelry design. As a young adult, Ippolita moved to the United States, where her career intersected with dance, poetry, and craft. She slowly grew her concept of a jewelry line and burst onto the fine jewelry scene in New York City in 1999. IPPOLITA became known for hammered gold before adding colorful precious and semi-precious stones and silver designs to her oeuvre.


The entire process of creating IPPOLITA jewelry is completed with care. Metalwork is first molded in clay and cast in the lost wax method. IPPOLITA cuts its stones because those readily available on the market aren’t made in the brand’s preferred shapes and to their standards. Jewelry with multiple stones is mixed and matched for color by hand. The resulting IPPOLITA jewelry is feminine, sculptural, organic, and wearable! 


Our favorite IPPOLITA collections include the Carnevale, Chimera, Classico, Lollipop, Rock Candy, and Stardust lines. They feature a mixture of gold and silver metals, teardrop earring shapes, round stations on bracelets, rings, and necklaces, and a rainbow of stone varieties. To name a few, IPPOLITA jewelry uses mother-of-pearl, turquoise, blue topaz, peridot, onyx, hematite, and even shell.


As an all-around intentional designer, Ippolita makes commitments to sustainability with IPPOLITA creations. For instance, all IPPOLITA gold jewelry is made completely from recycled gold. When melted down for reuse, gold is perfectly reusable without sacrificing beauty! IPPOLITA works with refineries that remove alloys from recycled gold to reach a purity level of 99.99%, after which the pure gold is combined with silver to achieve the designer’s signature blend of 18k “green” gold. 


Browsing IPPOLITA jewels is as enjoyable as walking along a beautiful beach and pausing to pick the most intriguing natural objects. Pour over your favorites at Lux Bond & Green for IPPOLITA online or at your nearest authorized Connecticut or Massachusetts retailer.