Ocean Spirit

As the sun rises across the shores of Hamilton Island, Australia it illuminates Paspaley's Ocean Spirt - proving Life Needs Adventure in matters of both style and seafaring.


To create a perfectly-matched strand can take decades. Paspaley pearl strands are available in a variety of pearl shapes, sizes and lengths; featuring an interchangeable clasp, enabling you to instantly personalise your look.

Our Delfini Strands feature Paspaley Australian South Sea pearls selected for their interesting shapes and color. Identified by a unique rose gold hallmark featuring two dolphins, this bracelet is an ode to oceanic beauty.


Lavalier is a one-of-a-kind design; your favourite Paspaley Australian South Sea pearl encased in a delicate gold mesh net. Lavalier is a French term, translating to “an item of jewelry consisting of a pendant, sometimes with a precious gem, suspended from a necklace.” This collection celebrates the birthplace of Paspaley’s pearls. The design reflects the nautical ropes and nets used to house pearl oysters after divers have collected them from the wild. Lavalier allows your pearl to be set without drilling, just as it emerged from the oyster


Dive is a tribute to our pearl divers who have explored the remote Kimberley coastline in search of the world’s finest pearls for generations. This began with our founder Nicholas Paspaley Snr and continues today with his grandson Michael Paspaley. Embracing the same intrepid spirit of adventurers who came long before them searching for shipwrecks loaded with Dutch guilders, our divers search for another elusive treasure: the wild Pinctada maxima oyster and the pearls they will create. This collection features modern representations of ropes, chains and coins, to tell the unique and captivating story of our divers’ world beneath the sea