Custom Jewelry Design Services at Lux Bond & Green

Custom Jewelry Design Services at Lux Bond & Green

When you have the perfect vision for a piece of jewelry, but you’ve searched high and low to no avail, don’t despair! If you can think it, we can make it. Custom jewelry design is one of Lux Bond & Green’s proudest offerings. Our professional design services have helped generations of New Englanders create stunning, wearable pieces of art. Besides fully custom designs, Lux Bond & Green also specializes in breathing life back into outdated or damaged jewelry. Whether you have a vintage pair of earrings that just need some stones matched and a little TLC, or you want to propose to your significant other with a gorgeous diamond ring that you’ve made just for them, taking the custom jewelry design route allows you to create something completely original. At Lux Bond & Green, trust that you’ll find the talent and experience required for the job.

1. How do I start the design process with Lux Bond & Green?

Every great idea begins with a spark of inspiration. Is your girlfriend enamored by the ocean, forests, or deserts? Does she love color? What fashion era makes her swoon? We’re sure you’ll find many flashes of beauty when drawing on her personality and interests. Maybe a wave or leaf motif makes its way into your custom jewelry, rubies for a splash of red, or an art-deco vibe guides the design. Having a piece of jewelry custom-made to perfectly compliment a loved one’s style shows how much you care. Whether you’re starting from scratch, beginning with a stone to design around, or a piece of jewelry that you’d like to change, the first step is to observe, imagine, and bring your ideas to the drawing board for a consultation with Lux Bond & Green’s design team.

2. Who should I expect to be on Lux Bond & Green’s expert custom jewelry design team?

The next step with a custom jewelry design project is to hand it over to the masters. You’ll approve sketches that capture your design, and with the help of certified gemologists at Lux Bond & Green, you’ll select exclusive stones. Our gemologists are accredited by the Gemological Institute of America as well as the American Gem Society. This accreditation means that their advice and expertise are supported by esteemed jewelry education and consumer protection organizations. With assurance like this, you’ll always be presented with quality precious stones at Lux Bond & Green.

For an idea of what stone selection entails, visit Lux Bond & Green’s diamond education center. Here you can discover all about diamonds of a variety of shapes, carat sizes, color, clarity, and cut, and learn how these factors impact the price of a diamond. This is a fantastic place to consider what could work for your design and your budget. Learning about diamond shape and size can also help fuel your design ideas. If you’d like to create a custom engagement ring, finding the perfect central diamond is a great place to begin.

Another handy tool for considering a custom designed ring is Lux Bond and Green’s diamond setting search. Here, you’ll find solitaire settings for center diamonds of all shapes and sizes, from simple bands with a four-prong basket, to intricate diamond-inlaid bands, in all shades of gold, as well as platinum. Browsing settings can be inspiring for any custom jewelry design project.

Once you are satisfied with your stones and draft design, Lux Bond & Green’s master goldsmiths will take over. For jewelry repairs and alterations, our goldsmiths may employ an array of specialized techniques to mend, bend, embellish, add texture, and otherwise personalize your jewelry to meet your desires. Custom rings and other original jewelry designs will require that the goldsmith builds a three-dimensional wax model to create an exact cast.

Our design team will also be able to assist you in making decisions about whether to use platinum or gold for your custom piece, and furthermore, what karat and color gold. They will discuss intimate details with you to make the best choice, assessing factors such as frequency of wear, your budget, and your tastes. Lux Bond & Green also offers detailed, expert information about how to choose gold jewelry.

3. What types of custom jewelry can I create?

Any jewelry that needs to exactly fit an individual’s body, such as a ring or a bracelet, is an excellent candidate for custom design services. Necklaces and earrings can also be deeply personal, and custom designs are common with these types of jewelry as well. Furthermore, Lux Bond & Green’s creative experts are happy to work on complicated or uncommon custom design projects with you, such as an engraved and inlaid money clip, morphing a ring into a pendant, or re-creating the pair to a long-lost solo earring. You would be surprised by how many custom projects are just waiting for you to pick them out of your jewelry box.

Before you embark on a custom jewelry design project, there are a few practical considerations to account for. Besides your budget, you also must think about the timeline. For example, you’ll want to plan your proposal at least three months ahead of the time that you begin dreaming up a custom engagement ring. The design, approval, and fabrication process can take many weeks or months to complete, since every step requires hands-on, professional attention. If you are creating a special necklace for a wife’s, mother’s, or friend’s birthday, why not start thinking about it six months ahead of time? You’ll be happy to have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the process.

Commissioning a piece of custom jewelry is a commitment to the sentiment behind this gift. To begin a custom design at all, one must be thoughtful. Lux Bond & Green is so pleased to support the act of love and generosity that is repairing a family heirloom or creating a new one. To get started on a consultation, get in touch with your nearest Lux Bond & Green location. We can’t wait to be part of your life story!