Lux Bond & GReen

Diamond Clarity

Nature has created most every diamond with natural "inclusions" - crystals, feathers, clouds, etc., giving each diamond its own unique personality. These traits, developed in the diamond during its formation, make it a unique natural phenomenon.

Diamond clarity is determined by the presence or absence of these inclusions. The fewer the inclusions or flaws the rarer the diamond and the greater the value. "Flawless" is a highly restricted term. Under Federal Trade Commission rules, a diamond can be termed flawless only when no internal imperfections or external blemishes are visible to a professionally trained eye under a 10 power binocular microscope. In some cases inclusions are visible without magnification.

All Lux Bond & Green diamonds are graded for clarity in our American Gem Society (AGS) Accredited Gem Laboratories and in many instances are accompanied by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) with their independent grading report.

While inclusions may or may not affect the beauty of a diamond, they do affect its value.