How to Build Your Own Engagement Ring at Lux Bond & Green

How to Build Your Own Engagement Ring at Lux Bond & Green

Your relationship with your significant other is one-of-a-kind. It is inspirational, and it makes you both want to be the best people that you can be. That’s when you know it’s time to take the next step! Opting to build your own engagement ring means that you can truly breathe the spirit of your unique love story into this symbol of commitment. Not only does a custom engagement ring mean that you’ll sport a design that no one else has, but it also ensures that this special gift is deeply meaningful. Are you curious about where to start? Here are our top tips on how to build your own engagement ring with Lux Bond & Green!

1. Pick the Perfect Diamond 

The traditional center stone for any style engagement ring is a diamond. Diamonds are the hardest natural material in the world. Though they are formed under the intense heat and pressure of Earth’s rough core, they undergo a transformation into valuable glittering treasures when handled professionally. Diamonds continue to baffle generations with their amazing refractive qualities.

Lux Bond & Green has been in the business of diamonds since 1898. With about a century and a quarter of experience, our trained gemologists and skilled, non-commissioned sales associates can help you make an educated choice about your diamond purchase. The primary characteristics that give a diamond its personality and price point include its size (otherwise known as carat), claritycut, and color. These “four C’s” of diamonds will help you arrive at a stone that fits both your budget and your design preferences. Selecting the shape of the center stone is another important consideration when you build your own engagement ring. Choose from round, radiant, princess, cushion, oval, asscher, pear, heart, marquise, trillion, or emerald, to reflect different moods.

The best way to learn more about diamonds is to get up close and personal. Booking an appointment to view diamonds in person at your nearest Lux Bond & Green store will help you compare your favorite diamond qualities and ultimately make an informed decision.

Indeed, there are literally thousands of gorgeous diamonds to choose from in every shape and size at Lux Bond & Green. However, remember that it’s your custom ring, and you have full authority to think outside of the box and beyond diamonds! The center stone can be any precious gemstone that fits your style. Some couples opt for a modern look with a blue center sapphire. Others invite vintage flair with a red ruby or green emerald. Black diamonds are popular for their dark mystery. Even pearls, which are not in fact a stone at all but rather a gem, are not off the table. It’s your ring and the center stone should speak to you.

2. Select the Setting

Just as you would frame a masterful painting, or select a pedestal for a fine sculpture, you’ll want to carefully choose a setting for your engagement ring. Like a frame or pedestal’s function, the purpose of a setting is to elevate, protect, and enhance the center stone of the ring. There are so many eye-catching setting styles to choose from, and this is your chance to get creative with the design! First, think about metal options. Skin tone and personal preference can help you choose the best metal for your engagement ring. Cool-toned metals include sterling silver, platinum, or white gold. Warmer toned metals include yellow gold and rose gold. 

Next, think about the overall look of the ring. Design considerations should include how light hits the center stone. A solitaire or tension setting allows for maximum reflection, while a flush, bar or channel setting include more metal around the sides of the stone for extra security. Our goldsmiths are trained to analyze these factors and so much more. They will strive to marry your preferred aesthetics with function.

3. Add More Stones! 

Halos and multiple stone engagement rings continue to dazzle soon-to-be fiancés this year. It’s time to unleash your inner muse! A diamond halo around a center stone adds ultimate sparkle and makes engagement rings truly pop. A halo can also enhance the look of a smaller center stone. 

If you opted for a diamond center stone but you love color, adding sapphire side stones is a great way to bring life to your design. Choose from an assortment of shapes to allow side stones to best complement the ring’s silhouette. You can even add petite diamonds to the band or the shank of the engagement ring for a more subtle glitter.

Flanking the center stone on either side with stones of the same size or slightly smaller is a beautiful way to enhance your design. Three-stone engagement rings symbolize past, present, and future, which is a lovely sentiment that many couples embrace.

For even more inspiration, we invite you to browse some of Lux Bond & Green’s designer engagement rings. You’ll see examples of different diamond shapes, setting styles, and multiple stone designs, which can fuel your own creativity for customization. Plus, here is even more guidance on designing your perfect custom engagement ring. When you’re ready to get started, our specialists are ready to help! Simply schedule an appointment to start designing with us, and let this personalized journey begin.