Diamond Earring Buying Guide

Diamond Earring Buying Guide

Diamond earrings are an easy to wear an accessory that everyone should experience. Whether part of your every-day casual look, or the cherry on top of a smashing evening outfit, diamond earrings add class and sparkle. There are so many styles to choose from and so much to consider when buying diamond earrings: shape and style, metal color, the “four C’s” of diamonds, and much, much more. In this post, we break down many of the diamond earring options and questions that you should ask before purchasing.

How to Choose Diamond Earrings

When choosing a pair of diamond earrings, it’s important to research the diamonds themselves. Lux Bond & Green has been specializing in diamonds since 1898, meaning that we are well skilled in the art of how to buy a diamond. With certified gemologists and masterful goldsmiths on our staff, plus buyers who care deeply about sourcing, we analyze the “four C’s” (cut, color, clarity, and carat weight) with the most discerning of eyes. Diamonds come in all grades of quality, based on this matrix of ranked qualities as described by the GIA. Only the tiniest percentage of diamonds can be ranked “ideal,” at least by Lux Bond & Green standards. “Ideal” equates to perfect proportion, symmetry, and polish, resulting in a fiery, brilliant diamond that perfectly reflects and refracts light. However, it can also be argued that all diamonds are beautiful, and the terms cut, color, clarity, and carat weight simply help to calculate value, and unique appeal.

Here’s a crash course in evaluating the four C’s:

Cut – Refers to round diamond shapes. The precision of the cut is what releases a diamond’s full, glittering potential.

Color – Is subtle trace elements that may give a diamond a tint. Whether that is light yellow, or something as interesting as blue or pink, these are all options in the world of diamonds. Truly colorless diamonds are very rare.

Clarity – Means the extent to which a diamond has “inclusions,” or marks inside of it. Inclusions are naturally occurring, and a “flawless” diamond is very rare and valuable.

Carat – Refers to the weight of the diamond. Typically, the larger the diamond, the more valuable it will be.

Choosing diamonds for diamond earrings from this complex ranking system is difficult without a tool! We recommend referring to the very handy Diamond Search database available on Lux Bond & Green’s website. Browse hundreds of loose diamonds to get a sense of your options. Our second hint? Use your eyes, and your gut. Selecting a diamond from a list is probably hard to imagine. That’s why we also recommending scheduling an appointment to view the diamonds that you are interested in, in person. This means that you can purchase with a heart full of confidence.

Explore Diamond Earrings

Lux Bond & Green offers a wide variety of diamond earrings from subdued studs to sweet huggies to creative posts to dangling dazzlers. You just have to start looking to find out what suits your or your loved one’s fashion sense.

As you start browsing, you’ll find lovely options from favorite diamond jewelry designers like the Vicenza, Italy-based, Roberto Coin. For instance, these gorgeous Princess Flower hug-style hoops with an inlaid design in 18k yellow gold. Or, try on something different, with the Opera Diamond hoop earrings, in 18k rose gold, featuring braiding and a sleek line of pave stones. Drop earrings like the Princess Flower diamond drops, in 18k white gold, are a simply elegant choice for dinner outings and the like.

Hearts on Fire, another world-renowned diamond jewelry designer, specializes in the finest diamonds the world has to offer. Brilliant stud earrings, like the Beloved Diamond Earrings, feature 30 round diamonds in 18k white gold and showcase exquisite taste. Furthermore, the Aurora Diamond Earrings, in 18k white gold, achieve an almost insurmountable number of gems for multi-stone studs, clocking in at 2.37 carats.

For old-world charm with an artistic flair, preview second-generation goldsmith, Marco Bicego’s variety of diamond earring styles. For instance, consider the Lucia Diamond Earrings, in 18k yellow gold; brushed gold flanks diamonds in these classic earrings. Another favorite is the Africa Constellation Diamond Earrings. With a river of diamonds rushing down their center, these studs total over a carat of diamonds. For drop-style options, see the Siviglia Diamond Earrings in 18k yellow and white gold. With a post covered in tiny diamonds, and a dangling, textured yellow gold oval, these offer a classic look.

Other special offerings from Lux Bond & Green run the style gamut. From fancy Diamond Stud Earrings in platinum, featuring a three-prong martini setting and boasting 6.84 carats, to dainty .24 carat Diamond Stud Earrings in 14k white gold, we offer jewelry box essentials for every budget. From party earrings, like Diamond Hoops in 14k white gold or 14k yellow gold, to these Diamond Line Drop earrings in 18k white gold, Lux Bond & Green has earrings she can truly look forward to wearing. It’s always memorable to don out a thoughtful gift from a loved one.

Where to Buy Diamond Earrings

Lux Bond & Green is your local diamond source, for Connecticut and Massachusetts shoppers and beyond. Experience is something that you can trust, and we won’t lead you astray on your diamond earring search. Make a memorable moment happen this Spring, with Lux Bond & Green’s diamond earrings. Shop diamond earrings online, and thank you for your longstanding patronage.