How do you say Bicego?(Bee-che-go)

Marco Bicego is a second generation goldsmith and artist of immense talents. Growing up in his father’s jewelry business outside of Vicenza Italy, Marco’s passion for jewelry making is rooted in his Italian heritage. His yellow and white gold designs for earrings, rings and necklaces follow many Venetian origins.  Both ancient and modern tooling inspire his wearable jewelry. All rooted in Italian traditions, every Marco Bicego piece is hand-crafted in his jewelry workshop by designers, model-makers, toolmakers, goldsmiths, setters and engravers. 

Top collections from Marco Bicego include Marrakech, Goa, Cairo, Paradise, Jaipur, Africa, Siviglia, Lunaria, Delicati, Murano and his newest, Masai. All of these collections represent Marco’s allure for timeless yet exciting jewelry. Even the gemologists and stone experts work in collaboration with his team to create the incredible necklaces or suites where Marco has gained fame around the world. His hand twisted coil, inspired by his father, is a technique often imitated but never equaled.

The Marco Bicego collections are available in West HartfordWestport, and Wellesley