Jewelry - Watches - Giftware

At Lux Bond & Green, jewelry cleaning and inspection are complimentary and can be done while you wait. Should your jewelry need repair, our on-staff jewelers can perform this service on the premises. Our trained watchmakers are also available for repairs to your fine timepieces.

Use either a mix of ammonia and water or a commercial jewelry cleaner to clean your diamond jewelry. Gently dip your jewelry into the cleaning solution and use only a soft brush to clean underneath the setting. Thoroughly rinse in tepid water. Since diamonds can damage your other jewelry, we recommend you keep your diamond jewelry in a lined case or jewelry box with dividers. Even though diamonds are extremely hard, they can be damaged if given a hard blow. Do not wear your diamond jewelry when doing rough work or when using chlorine bleach or other chemicals. Some chemicals can pit and discolor the mounting. We recommend Lux Bond & Green professionally clean and check your diamond jewelry at least three times a year for loose prongs and wear.

Clean your pearl jewelry by wiping it with a soft cloth when you take it off. Traces of perfume, hair spray, or any acid-based cosmetics should be removed as these can cause damage to the pearl's nacre. If your pearl jewelry pieces show more soil than a soft cloth can remove, wash them carefully in mild soap and tepid water, rinse, gently blot with a soft cloth, and allow to air dry. For pearl strands and bracelets, gently wash them in mild soap and tepid water, rinse, gently blot with a soft cloth, and allow to air dry being careful not to pull on the silk cord on which they are strung. We recommend you wrap them in tissue or keep them in a chamois bag, as pearls are susceptible to scratches by other jewelry. Remember that pearls are organic jewels and are considered gemstones. Treat them gently. Have Lux Bond & Green professionally clean and check your pearl jewelry at least once a year. Pearl strands will need restringing as the individual pearls become able to move freely between the knots. Bring your pearls to Lux Bond & Green for our full range of services: restringing your strand, cleaning, or inspection.

Discuss with your jeweler how to care for your particular gemstone jewelry. Most jewelry is suited to home cleaning with a mild soap, tepid water, and a soft brush. Other jewelry should be wiped clean with a soft cloth to remove cosmetics or perspiration, and professionally cleaned every six months by your jeweler. Store all gemstone jewelry so that individual pieces do not touch each other. Certain gemstones are harder and can scratch other softer gemstones.

Lux Bond & Green Gemstone Disclosure
Gemstone purchasers should be aware that natural gemstones are processed from the time they are extracted from the earth by one or more traditionally accepted trade practices. All gemstones listed on this sales slip have probably been subjected to a stable and possibly undetectable enhancement process. All relevant information will be readily provided to the best of our knowledge. Prevailing market values are based on these universally practiced and accepted processes by the gem and jewelry trade.

Gold and Platinum
Clean your gold or platinum jewelry with mildsoap and water and a soft brush. Keep your gold from contact with chlorine. Repeated exposure to chlorine will damage the integrity of your gold jewelry, causing breakage. Dry and polish jewelry with a chamois or soft clothe after cleaning. Gold can be scratched easily, so store it in a lined case or jewelry box with dividers. Even though platinum is one of the hardest metals and very durable, it does scratch. Your Lux Bond & Green jeweler can re-polish your platinum jewelry to eliminate most scratches. Lux Bond & Green can professionally steam-clean and check your gold or platinum jewelry at least once a year for damage and wear.

Sterling Silver
Sterling silver jewelry should be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution, allowing the water to bead up, then patting dry with a soft cloth. Do not dry silver with paper or tissue as these can cause scratches. As with other jewelry, do not allow contact with chlorine or other chemicals. Store your silver in a cool, dry place away from light, which causes tarnishing and keep the jewelry from touching each other to avoid scratches.

Watch care
Have your watch exterior case and bracelet cleaned and inspected with our compliments whenever you visit one of our stores. Each timepiece manufacturer provides recommendations for cleaning, maintenance, and service particular to that watch. We have trained watchmakers on staff to service your watch.

Certain stemware collections are dishwasher safe, but you should refer to the product descriptions to be sure. If your stemware is dishwasher safe, load it in the dishwasher properly so none of the pieces will knock each other. For best results, fine crystal should be washed by hand, as some crystal may cloud or break from the extreme heat of the dishwasher. Store all stemware bowl side up and never stack.

It is safe to put your fine china dinnerware into the dishwasher using the "light" or "china" settings with a mild detergent. Some manufacturers suggest a powder and definitely nothing that contains lemon. The extreme heat of the normal cycle may fade the gold or platinum bands and any colored decorations. Stack the dishwasher so none of the pieces touch to prevent them from knocking against each other. Use the energy-saving air-dry setting to avoid exposing the fine dinnerware to high heat. If you wash your fine dinnerware by hand, make sure the water is only moderately hot. Again using a mild detergent, no scouring powders, or steel wool, and dry everything with a soft towel. Fine china and porcelain is microwave-safe providing there is no metal in the decoration.

Stainless Care Instructions - Stainless steel is dishwasher safe. Do no let your flatware soak, even in plain water, or remain unwashed overnight. Make sure stainless steel is completely dry before storing. Do not wrap in rubber bands, plastic, newspaper, or any high sulfur material.
Sterling Silver Care Instructions - Daily use of your sterling silver flatware is the best way to keep each piece bright and shiny. We encourage daily use of your sterling flatware. With daily use your sterling will develop a beautiful patina and will become more beautiful with age. Remember to rotate the use of your sterling silver place settings to ensure even wear.
After each use, promptly wash or rinse your sterling with hot water. Do not leave your sterling in water, as soaking can permanently damage the metal. Keep sterling and stainless steel flatware in separate baskets in the dishwasher as direct contact can permanently damage the silver. Lux Bond & Green does not recommend washing sterling flatware In the dishwasher. Some pieces such as knives and heavier serving pieces have hollow handles containing pitch for stability. The heat of the dishwasher can cause the pitch to expand and break through the handles. It is always advisable to hand wash your sterling flatware. If you put sterling in the dishwasher, keep the detergent to a minimum and avoid lemon scented detergents and those containing chloride. Remove sterling from the dishwasher before dry cycle and dry items completely with a soft towel. Air-drying causes almost all metals to water spot. If you hand-wash your sterling, use a mild detergent. Make sure your sterling is completely dry before you store it. If using daily: Store sterling in a moisture-free drawer. If using occasionally: Place sterling in the provided flannel flatware bag or in a wooden storage chest with a protective flannel lining. Do not wrap your sterling in rubber bands, plastic or newspaper, or in any material with high sulfur content. Polish your sterling once or twice a year, whether or not it has been used regularly. Remove any tarnish by buffing your sterling with a soft cloth and silver polish.