Valentine’s Day Necklaces She Will Love

Valentine’s Day Necklaces She Will Love

Valentine’s Day is made for lovers. Whether your special someone is brand new and you’re just getting to know one another, or they’re a lifetime partner, it’s never a bad idea to pause and remember just how extraordinary your own unique love is. After all, there are only about 7 billion other adults on this planet that you could choose! No matter what milestone you’re looking ahead at together—getting engaged, turning 50, or celebrating 60 years married—a necklace for her on Valentine’s Day is a sweet way to say, “I Love You.” Some of our favorite Valentine’s Day necklaces from Lux Bond & Green spell it out with hearts and shimmer, while others dazzle with gorgeous design and precious materials.

The Shape of Love

A natural choice for a Valentine’s Day necklace, heart-shaped jewelry is romantic, symbolic, and everlasting in style. Necklaces are meant to be worn close to the literal heart, and around Valentine’s Day, wearing your feelings on your chest is not a bad thing. In fact, expressing yourself with a necklace like this 14k adjustable double-heart Delicato Diamond Heart Pendant in yellow gold or white gold is something she’ll definitely adore. Want even more sparkle? We suggest the 18k yellow gold pave Barocco Diamond Heart Pendant on an 18 inch chain by Roberto Coin, which is jauntily asymmetrical and includes 21 diamonds. One of our most luxurious diamond heart pendants is the Fulfillment necklace, set in smooth, 18k white gold, and featuring ten beautiful round brilliant diamonds, cut to Hearts on Fire’s exacting standards. Your words should make sure she feels loved, but remember that actions speak even louder.

Short and Sweet

Trend-forward choker style necklaces draw attention to a delicate neck—one of the most vulnerable and sensuous parts of the body. For instance, this 17 inch Puffed Square Link Necklace is just a little flirty for any age, featuring a double-sided design in 14k yellow gold. Mutli-strand choker necklaces are another fashionable choice, like this 16.5 inch Tricolor Vermeil Necklace with seven mixed strands including sterling silver, plus rhodium, rose gold, and yellow gold plating, all on a metallic clasp. For an artistic choker with a handmade look, see the Path Necklace by Alex Sepkus, which features 14 diamond stations on 16 inches of pure 18k yellow gold. Selecting a designer with a truly original vision like Alex Sepkus, who hails from Lithuania, but creates jewelry in the United States, showcases your attention to all the details.

Fancy Because She’s Yours

Doesn’t it feel good to splurge once in a while? Sometimes you just have to have the lobster dinner special with saffron, or the kitten-soft cashmere sweater. Jewelry that’s fancy enough for a princess is similar. It can be pretty powerful to purchase a necklace that’s definitely not your everyday jewelry. This Diamond Floral Cluster Necklace in 18k white gold, drips with tiny flower and diamond drops, including 9.8 carats of diamonds. It’s a wearable masterpiece. Another number that can make a big statement is this Three Strand Diamond Necklace, which features rows upon rows of diamonds set in 18k white gold with flower-design clasps. At 21.7 carats of diamonds, this necklace would certainly scratch that fancy “itch” and make her the most stunning belle of the ball.

Double Up on Valentine’s Day

Layered necklaces are an easy way to add a boho vibe to her look. Plus, she can leave behind the days of detangling her own layered chains, with these two-in-one necklaces. Tara Hutch Designs’ double-strand Yellow and Orange Sapphire Slices Necklace in 24k yellow gold is a beautiful suggestion for your free-spirited Valentine. Gold detailing and organic shapes of sapphire dance on an 18-inch chain. The Paradise Gemstone Necklace is another colorful option, in 18k yellow gold from the Italian designer, Marco Bicego. Little colorful gemstones mingle with gold teardrops on a delicate double chain. The Roberto CoinPrincess Flower Diamond Necklace mixes and matches trends with three layered strands in 18k yellow and white gold hanging on an adjustable 15 inch chain. The shortest chain can be worn choker-length, and a flower pendant at the center of each adds the glamour. Creative types, moms, and business professionals alike will appreciate that you can bring out the youthful, carefree, “fun-on-the-weekend” side of her.

Necklaces speak the language of love on Valentine’s Day. Take this opportunity to make her feel very special, with gold and diamonds, through a gift that will remind her of you every time she wears it. There are so many designer necklace choices to shop at Lux Bond & Green, for every taste and budget, that you’re sure to find the perfect Valentine’s Day necklace for her. Visit us online, or at a brick-and-mortar Connecticut or Massachusetts store, and hurry—this holiday is not one for lovers to miss.