​Unique Locket Ideas to Gift Your Loved Ones

​Unique Locket Ideas to Gift Your Loved Ones

Looking for an interesting, meaningful gift idea that’s two-in-one? Lockets serve both the purpose of adornment and of preserving memories, all in one personalized package. When you select a locket to gift to a loved one, you not only get to choose the pretty pendant necklace, but also what goes inside! With a little outside-of-the-box thinking, you can add a truly thoughtful sentiment. For unique ideas of what to put in or on a locket, for all occasions and tastes, look no further than our list of favorite locket ideas.

Love Notes (Handwritten Message)

This locket idea reminds us of the innocent thrill of sneakily passing folded pieces of paper in class. If you were to write a love note to your daughter, your wife, or your mother, what would it say? What is most important for her to know about how you feel? A handwritten note inside of a sterling silver heart locket is a very intimate gift. Writing a note for your own locket can also help you set intentions for your life. You could also include a mantra or a prayer. These guiding words are ones you’ll think about every time you wear the locket.

Say it in Script (Engraving)

A message written in gold or sterling silver will never fade. Consider engraving a date, phrase, poem, symbol, or name that you hope to remember forever. Initials or a monogram are other popular choices. Lux Bond & Green offers custom engraving by skilled professionals for whatever your project may be. We’ll work closely with you to select the font, styling, placement, and size of the engraving. A smooth-faced locket such as this 18k gold oval polished locket from Tesoro offers the perfect canvas. One romantic locket idea is to have a private message engraving on the inside of the locket, before placing a photograph or object over the writing. It will remain a secret between you and your loved one, perhaps for eternity!

Birthstones for Youngsters

With a little bit of planning, a locket can be a very special birthday gift. You can have the birth date engraved on the locket, and then include the corresponding birthstone inside! A young person would cherish this gift and grow into the locket as they mature. Start with a 14” chain, and then switch out the chain for a longer one as their taste, size, and personal style develops. A birthday locket gifted to a child is also a great opportunity to teach young ones about respecting and keeping track of their belongings, not to mention, learning about semi-precious birthstones!

Unforgettable Baby Moments

Have you ever heard the expression, “a lock of hair”? How about a locket of hair! This unique locket idea may be more traditional than you would think. Baby’s first haircut is a big deal, and mothers throughout time have collected and kept their child’s hair trimmings. Keeping a lock of hair in a locket is an even more sentimental way to hold that moment close to your heart. This 18k yellow gold oval locket with a diamond starburst and floral engraving around the edge would be a perfect vessel for your precious baby haircut memories.

Add a Photograph

Lockets with a photograph inside make us daydream about soldiers and sailors going off to battle and sea, leaving their ladies with a locket to remember them by. That locket said to anyone left behind, “Remember me, I’ll be back soon.” A similar feeling is captured when you include a photograph in a locket today, whether that image is a portrait of you and your partner, your child, a beloved lost relative, or a snapshot of a favorite place. When all your photos are on your computer, smart device, or in cloud storage, selecting and printing the most important one for a locket gift is a rewarding exercise.

Wedding Memories

Photo albums, videos, presents, and cards help you remember your wedding day, but it’s unlikely you’ll carry these with you daily. Consider creating a wearable remnant from your wedding with a locket! You may want to engrave your wedding date and your married names. Brides might also consider placing a trimming of lace from their dress or veil, or even pieces of dried flower from the bride’s bouquet, inside of the locket. A locket with multiple compartments like this 18k gold oval triple locket is perfect for this purpose. Grooms and mothers of the bride may wish to scoop up this gift idea for the bride before someone else does!

Little Treasures

Lockets are treasured by all types of people, at all stages in life, and it has been this way throughout history. This is because lockets often represent an important relationship or happy memory to the wearer. We think that Tesoro lockets are aptly named because “tesoro” means “treasure” in Spanish. “To treasure” sounds like the appropriate act of wearing a locket. Tesoro lockets are classically styled in oval and heart shapes and made of 18k gold or sterling silver. Besides for birthdays and weddings, lockets make excellent anniversary, graduation, or retirement gifts. All of life’s transitions deserve recognition, and lockets are a unique and treasured choice. Find the full collection of Tesoro lockets at Lux Bond & Green online, or browse them for yourself in your nearest brick-and-mortar location!