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Monogram options

At Lux Bond & Green, Every Box has a Story — Let your gift tell yours. Whether you are purchasing jewelry for your beloved or a luxurious gift for someone special, you have the option to personalize it with a meaningful message, monogram, symbol, or date. The master team of goldsmiths, engravers, etchers, and embroiderers at Lux Bond & Green will work closely with you to bring your vision to life.


If you are looking for monogramming, etching, or jewelry engraving services in Connecticut and Massachusetts – or simply looking for a personalized gift for your loved one – you are in the right place.


Our Engraving Services: Engraving is the process of carving or incising a design into metal. This design could be a special symbol, date, message, or even a name or monogram. Engraving can be done on most anything, too! At Lux Bond & Green, you can engrave jewelry, watches, silver frames, pewter trays, trophies, plaques, and all sorts of metal giftware. Our jewelry engraving services can be carried out by hand or by machine for extra precision. Engravings can be totally customized, as well, with a variety of fonts to choose from!


Our Etching Services: Etching, sometimes used interchangeably with engraving, is the process of printing a permanent design on glass. Designs can range from a visual or symbol, to message or monogram. An etched design can look airbrushed, rough, satiny smooth, frosty or translucent, but is always meant to last. Many people today desire glass etching services when looking to personalize a home gift, such as a set of crystal champagne flutes or a glass barware set. At Lux Bond & Green, customers love to customize the designer Simon Pearce glassware with a special etch or engraving. There are a variety of different typefaces you can choose for etching, including the ‘Simon Pearce’ engraving font options shown on this page.


Our Monogramming Services: A monogram is a personalized motif of two or more initials (usually a first, middle, and last initial) that are overlapped or combined into a single design. Monograms can be added to a variety of different items and gifts – embroidered into textiles, engraved into jewelry, embossed into leather accessories, etched on metal or glass – to show possession or to add some personal flare. At Lux Bond & Green, we can monogram a variety of different accessories and homewares, including luxe UGG blankets as shown here. Once you decide which item you would like monogrammed, we can help you select the perfect font, type style, and thread color (if applicable) to give it that “you” factor. Lux Bond & Green also carries a selection of monogram jewelry that can be customized to your needs.


Transform a gift into a personalized keepsake that your loved one will treasure for years to come. Render a meaningful message on a customized piece of jewelry, gift for the home, or accessory. Express your style through personalization. Contact Lux Bond & Green today to learn more about our customized jewelry engraving and monogramming services. You can inquire online or visit us in-store in Massachusetts or Connecticut to get started.