The Lux Bond & Green Watch Buying Guide

The Lux Bond & Green Watch Buying Guide

There is something so cool, so composed, and so confident, about checking your watch instead of your smartphone. This movement says all you need to know is... the time. You appear focused, calm, and undistracted by apps or messages jockeying for your attention. You are only concerned with the present.

There are high stakes involved in purchasing a watch. We understand that a timepiece truly becomes part of the wearer’s personality and style and that buying the right watch can present a stressful challenge. There are so many choices to make, from decisions about the brand, vibe, mechanics, and price point. If you are considering gifting a watch to a beloved partner, friend, or family member, the pressure rises even higher. But with our help, you don’t have to be a horologist (a skilled watchmaker or student of timekeeping devices) to make an excellent choice. In this guide, we walk you through the key questions to ask yourself when looking to buy a watch to help you make the right purchase. You can leave the rest to your intuition.

How Does It Move?

It might seem silly to ask, but do you know how time is kept by a watch? Three main methods allow a watch to do its job. Understanding these functions will help you understand the foundation of how watches are priced.

1. Watches with quartz movement are battery-powered. They are the most accurate and the most affordable option. About 50 years ago, when they came on the scene, they revolutionized the market.

2. Mechanical watches carry a bit more clout. Often vintage, these artisanal watches do not require a battery and must be wound by hand every day or so to keep time. Because of this, they are less popular than the similar automatic option.

3. Automatic timepieces are the modern mechanical variety. They also have no battery requirement. Typical movement while wearing an automatic watch will cause it to self-wind. If unworn, an automatic watch will need to be wound. 

Some watchmakers will specialize in just one of these methods. Others, like Shinola, offer a blend with their designs. For instance, the cost-friendly yet fashionable Shinola quartz watch, The Duck, which features a mustard yellow rubber wrist band, is equipped for adventures. Meanwhile, Shinola also carries carefully crafted automatic classics such as the Runwell Automatic Vinton, which calls on neo-classical architecture found in Detroit. Mechanics is important to consider as you address your budget. However, you can find both style and function with these timekeeping methods.

Fashion, Function, or Both?

A watch needs to fit the wearer’s lifestyle. As much as a non-waterproof watch would be a bad idea for a swimmer, a flashy timepiece is not likely the right fit for the minimalist. Understanding who you’re buying for will affect everything from band material to bells and whistles like integrated tachymeters (speed measurement). Here are some categories that can help you identify the right design and designer.

The Sport-Inspired Watch 

Some watches do it all. For example, the Swiss heritage designer, TAG Heuer, marries stylishness with sport in their hallmark Carrera watch. Inspired by race cars, this watch includes a black dial, sturdy stainless-steel band, and integrated chronograph (stopwatch) lugs. Another fast-paced model from this Swiss maker is the Formula 1 watch. The black rubber wristband of this watch lends a more casual look, while the face design is pared down to demonstrate function-first.

Watches with Armed Forces Roots

The most rugged watches are found on the wrists of military men and women. Luckily, these styles are also available for civilians. Tudor watches offer both efficiency and functionality. Tudor’s Black Bay line was originally made for the US Navy. The Black Bay Chrono and the ladies’ Black Bay 36 watches are all inspired by the same strong roots. There are dozens of “Black Bay” Tudor watches, from stainless steel bands to leather bands of many colors, 18k yellow gold faces and accents, and a range of silhouettes from sporty to professional. Tudor styles like these and many more, are available by emailing, or by calling 800-524-7336 for availability.

Watches for Professionals 

The Swiss strike again with inventive and intelligent watchmaking. Breitling was founded in 1884 by a skilled, Swiss craftsman. This family business continued to make watches favored by pilots and other industrial and military professionals, for whom exact time can be a life-or-death metric. The company has changed hands and moved headquarters since, but the distinguished tradition of Breitling watches continues to be true to its heritage by producing professional-grade Swiss watches. These timepieces are truly luxurious, whether you spend most of your time in the air or the board room. Some favorites include the Chronomat, with rose gold accents for men or women, the Avenger, which boasts extreme reliability, and the modern diving watch, the SuperOcean. Finally, the Professional, which is lightweight and includes extra tools like a compass and endurance meter, is perfect for those with active lifestyles. Breitling watches can be found through Lux Bond and Green’s Mohegan Sun or Glastonbury locations.

The Lifestyle Statement Watch

Luxury watches can also make powerful statements about your character and interests. For example, if you are a master craftsman who values ornate intricacies, the skeleton limited edition Freelancer watch by Swiss designer Raymond Weil could be the perfect fit. This trendsetter began to make elegant, sensual, and masterfully created watches during the exciting late 1960s. Another masterpiece by Raymond Weil is the Maestro. Perfect for the accomplished musician, this watch features an alligator

leather brown strap and a rose gold-plated case, hands, and roman numerals. Raymond Weil watches are available online or at Lux Bond & Green’s West HartfordGlastonburyWestport, or Wellesley stores.

Don’t Forget These Key Watch Buying Tips

Besides the form and function of a watch, consider how often it will be worn. Whether worn every day or just on special occasions, the use of the watch should be a factor that helps you decide on the watches’ durability and style. Remember to account for the frame of the person you are buying for as well. A thicker wrist can wear a more substantial bracelet, while a narrower wrist might be better suited for a thinner wristband. Finally, when considering the cost of the timepiece, remember price often correlates to the quality of the watch’s materials and craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a heritage watch that you can pass down for generations, you should invest in a watch of the highest quality. Because Lux Bond & Green knows the luxury of a lasting watch, remember that we also offer watch repair services, to keep your favorite timepiece tuned. Now, with this guide in hand, we encourage you to visit our online watch collection and start hunting for the timepiece that fits just right and will last a lifetime.