The Latest Trends in Bridal Jewelry

The Latest Trends in Bridal Jewelry

There is something about love that equates so well to sparkle! Share that effervescence going on inside of you with stunning, sparkling jewelry on your wedding day. From jaw-dropping diamond engagement rings, to wedding rings made for a love to last a lifetime, to other special day-of bridal jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, the jewelry that the bride selects not only represents her individual style, but tells each couples’ unique love story. What bridal jewelry styles are fiancés, brides and grooms choosing for this season? From classic and modern vintage, to contemporary cuts, Summer 2017 bridal styles are elegant, playful, sometimes edgy and statement-making.

The sparkling rings that seal the deal, are, and always will be, a big deal. First, the engagement ring signifies a new level of commitment between two people. Second, the wedding ring symbolizes a joined future together. Selecting those once-in-a-lifetime rings should be a special experience, and it’s one in which Lux Bond & Green has over one hundred years of experience. Since 1898, Lux Bond & Green’s non-commissioned specialists have been passionate about helping couples find just the right reflection of their individual love, in diamonds. First off, all Lux Diamonds offer a level of commitment to quality that matches the gravity of the decision engaged couples make. Did you know that only one out of every million diamonds mined each year will meet high enough standards to become a Lux Bond & Green ideal diamond? The exacting proportions, symmetry, and polish make Lux Diamonds a cut above the rest; by sacrificing more raw material in order to yield the most beautiful stones, Lux Diamonds are simple perfection. Lux Bond & Green specialists work one-on-one with clients to find their perfect diamond shape, cut, color, clarity, carat, and more, and offer the option for clients to browse these options online, by searching individual diamonds. Though the diamond itself is inarguably the most important component of the ring, the setting in which it is held further allows couples to customize this marker of their love. There is an extensive selection of settings available in Lux Bond & Green diamond jewelry, covering all styles. Here, we’re going to highlight just a few trend-forward options in diamond bridal jewelry for Summer 2017.

One overarching trend for 2017 bridal jewelry is classic and modern vintage. Many of Lux Bond & Green’s designers have been with the business since its founding, and so classic elegance is truly at the core of Lux Bond & Green’s aesthetic. Fittingly, Forevermark Diamonds, which features rare diamonds that are tracked from their source to their polished beauty, offers classics such as the Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring features a .5 center carat diamond with pavé stones encircling it, all simply set on a smooth and tapered white gold band. More Forevermark styles can be found in-stores. Further classic and modern styles can be found in the Naledi Collection at Lux Bond & Green, which offers jewelry that is beautiful both on the inside and out. Offering sustainability and stunning design, all of Naledi’s rings, for engagement and wedding, show a commitment to classic cuts and settings. In particular, the Adelaide Style Engagement Ring’s center diamond is solitaire set, yet eight brilliant cut diamonds adorn either side of the band. All of the engagement and wedding ring suggestions in this trend category of classic and modern vintage are set in platinum or 14-18k white gold, a choice which evokes the silver rings you adored on your grandmother’s hands. Add any of the dozens of available classic diamond stud earrings in white gold from Lux Bond & Green, to complement this pared-down, simple and elegant look on your wedding day. Lastly, the 18k white gold Pois Moi Diamond Bangle Bracelet by Italian designer of fine jewelry, Roberto Coin, would be a gorgeous addition on your wrist as you take the hand of your beloved, to be betrothed. A tiny hidden ruby “signature” on the inside of this bangle adds allure and intimacy to this special, classic, yet modern vintage piece.

On a more contemporary note, crown shapes in bridal jewelry for Summer 2017 are trending, and pieces like the following are sure to make any lady feel like royalty.Hearts on Fire specializes in exclusively cut diamonds, such as The Triplicity Pointed Diamond Ring. With five points and three triangles, .67 carats of diamonds set along its front face, and available in 18k rose, yellow, or white gold, this wedding ring offers options to crown the fingers of even the most particular queens. The Hearts on Fire Aerial Eclipse Pendant is an excellent necklace to pair with the Triplicity Ring. With a dozen diamonds set in an open circle, and elegant gold points and granulation adorning the stones, this full crown shaped pendant certainly looks royal, yet the circle is a humble and symbolic shape, evoking connection and cycles—relevant meanings on one’s wedding day. If you’re looking for something with a little more sparkle throughout, the eleven points on the Diamond Pave Triangle Necklace will surely shine with ten pave diamonds per triangle, set in 18k yellow gold. Bold, yet feminine, is a good way to describe the crown trend in bridal jewelry!

Even more fashion-forward are both long necklaces and chokers for bridal jewelry this Summer 2017. Take a look at the Ippolita Glamazon Stardust Necklace for example: a silver collar with three vertical diamonds set at the centerpoint, which rests high up on the neck. Or, we can look at another beautiful Roberto Coin piece; the New Barocco Diamond Necklace in 18k yellow gold, which dangles long at thirty-six inches, as gold bars and diamonds are interspersed along a chain. For the most fashion-conscious brides, these necklaces offer flair and style, and, of course, diamonds—without drawing too much attention away from the main attraction: the wedding and engagement rings.

The sparkle of diamonds in bridal jewelry truly does reflect the happiness shared on one’s wedding day, and as you think about the memories you will make, we know you are considering every detail carefully. Lux Bond & Green’s promise to you is to assist you in making the most perfect selections for your special occasion. Just as your love story is one hundred percent one-of-a-kind and individual, so should the jewelry you choose to wear be. Allow a Lux Bond & Green specialist assist you in finding everlasting jewelry to match your love and tastes, today. Call us at 1-800-524-7336 or schedule an appointment at one of our Connecticut or Massachusetts stores online today!