Shinola Watches in the Spotlight

Shinola Watches in the Spotlight

If you don’t love them for their fine quality leather, their Swiss-made parts, or their sleek silhouette, you should love Shinola watches for their American-born beginnings, right in the country’s industrious heartland of Detroit. Founded in 2011, Shinola products are built thoughtfully and by hand in a historic building, turned into a state-of-the-art watch factory. Dedicated to products built to last, Shinola’s company ethos is founded on traditional fine American trades like leather tooling. The result? Luxurious men’s and women’s designer watches that are a pleasure to gift and to own.

Can you guess how many people it takes to assemble a single Shinola watch? No fewer than 30! That means that before a Shinola watch arrives on your wrist, it has been lovingly carried through 60 hands. Most Shinola watch bands are cut, sewn, and painted all in Detroit, and they require four layers of materials and more than 30 steps to create. Careful, unhurried steps like these ensure that Shinola watches meet the highest of standards. In fact, Shinola is so dedicated to their final product that their core watch styles are partnered with a limited lifetime warranty.

What does quality luxury like this look like? Here are some of Lux Bond & Green’s favorite Shinola watches:

Men’s Shinola Watches

We can start with the timeless Canfield 38 mm. With a black leather band on signature wire lugs, and diamond cut hands and a matte white velvet dial, this watch is completely sophisticated. If you’re looking for something still sleek yet substantial and versatile, preview the Runwell 47 mm, featuring a stainless steel bracelet band and a grey dial. Water resistant up to 10 meters, this watch is cool and functional. For the extra sporty at heart, you might want to opt for the Monster 43 mm, which is engineered to withstand extreme pressure, so that you can dive in up to 50 meters. Its sapphire crystal dome is anti-reflective, while super-luminova hands improve readability. This Shinola design is truly built with both function and form. For the trend-forward fellow, we have to recommend the Bedrock 42 mm. With a soft calf skin brown band in a cognac tone and a round, sapphire-blue dial, this Shinola watch is excellent for the entrepreneur, the artist, or the up-and-coming corporate businessman. It’s got serious style, blending traditional and contemporary design elements. There is truly something for every guy, among Shinola’s variety of watch options.

Women’s Shinola Watches

Shinola offers women’s watches with both metal and leather bands, designed to suit various styles. For example, the Birdy 34 mm watch features a skinny bracelet band with contrasting stainless steel and rose gold links, and a bold white dial with rose gold numbers. Modern, playful, and powerful, are three perfect words for the Birdy. For femininity, with interesting design details like an alligator textured leather band, rose gold plating around a coin edge bezel, and intricate patterning on the face, we present to you the Gail 36 mm. This watch has a lot going on while still managing to not be too busy, which is actually a lot like some of our favorite female heroes, who maintain both passion, and composure. In fact, it is named after the founder of the “Say Nice Things About Detroit” movement, Emily T. Gail, who tried to turn around the rough perception of this city in the 1970s. A lifetime social organizer with a big love for her native Michigan town, Emily organized large public runs and built positive enthusiasm for Detroit. What a perfect role model for Shinola women’s wear!

This is a great time of year to consider how you can make a loved ones’ season memorable. Timepieces are a classic and treasured gift, for both men and women, which won’t be soon forgotten. A Shinola watch is a special, personal gift that would be an exceptional addition to your most favorite peoples’ accessory collection.

At Lux Bond & Green, we love the idea of bringing some of that Detroit spirit to Connecticut. Nicknamed the “Insurance Capital of the World,” the Hartford area is home to many insurance company headquarters. As a state that takes valuation seriously, it makes sense that so many Connecticut shoppers appreciate the luxury of Shinola watches. Take a visit to Lux Bond & Green’s West Hartford, Glastonbury, or Westport Connecticut stores for our wonderful Shinola watch offerings.