​Repair and Restore Your Favorite Jewelry at Lux Bond & Green

​Repair and Restore Your Favorite Jewelry at Lux Bond & Green

Daily wear can take a toll on your favorite bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings. While you may have an unbreakable bond to special pieces of jewelry, it’s important to remember that your jewelry is not invincible! Time and natural aging can also impact jewelry that you wear, especially antique heirlooms. When a chain snaps, a ring becomes too tight or loose, or a stone falls out before your eyes, there is no need to fret. Simply place the treasured jewelry in a secure container and bring it to your nearest Lux Bond & Green for attention from our esteemed jewelry repair specialists and goldsmiths. Lux Bond & Green offers an impressive range of jewelry repair services, to keep your favorite pieces looking sharp for generations.

We want you to know that at Lux Bond & Green, your jewelry repair needs will be assessed and handled by jewelry professionals. Expert service has been at the heart of our family business since 1898. We employ Swiss-trained watchmakers, five goldsmiths, and four certified gemologist appraisers! These masters of their trade are ready to tackle any jewelry repair project, from easy fixes to custom and complicated orders. The most common repairs that we attend to include:

Resizing - Naturally, over a lifetime, rings require sizing attention. If you’re having trouble wiggling a ring off, or you are the slightest bit worried about it flinging away at the toss of a hand, you should come in for a resizing. This service is also popular for engagements when starry-eyed couples commit to using Grandmother’s ring. Resizing a ring with diamonds or other precious stones can be a complicated task and requires a professionals’ touch.

Watch Repair - Watches see a lot of action, day in and day out. Keeping you on track for every activity is a watch’s very job! We service all kinds of watch repair, including strap and battery replacement, leather strap replacement, bracelet resizing (removing or adding links), as well as water sealing and restoration.

Jewelry Repair - Rings withstand all sorts of aggressive elements daily, from soapy water to sweaty workouts. If you’re like most people and you forget to take your engagement and wedding rings off when washing dishes and lifting weights, it’s likely that you’ll need a prong or setting repair at some point. Keep an eye out for fissures that you can see with the naked eye, but also know that some problems can only be spotted through proper magnification, so it’s a good idea to have daily-wear fine jewelry inspected every few years. Besides ring repairs, some other common repairs that we make include necklace and bracelet clasps, as well as earring hooks and posts.

Cleaning and Polishing - Whether you are bringing jewelry in for repair, or you are just stopping by to shop at your local Lux Bond & Green, you should know that you’ll always receive a free cleaning and inspection! We’ll also take on larger cleaning and polishing jobs, such as your holiday silverware set. We’ll even bring metal candlesticks or vases back to their full shiny glory.

Restoring - Do you have a beautiful cameo that has cracked silver filigree or a sapphire necklace that is missing stones? In addition to cleaning your most prized antique or inherited jewelry, Lux Bond & Green also has the talent on staff to restore antique jewelry. Adding new filigree which blends into the original swirls, or sourcing the right tone of sapphires to match, requires an artistic eye and a skilled touch.

Restringing - While a gold, silver, or platinum necklace can withstand a gentle tug, a strand of pearls or beads is slightly more delicate and susceptible to breakage. Over time, or due to a good yank, necklaces that are strung on silk or nylon may need to be restrung. For quality attention and a lasting result, collect those beads and bring them to Lux Bond & Green for our restringing services.

Customization is another special service offered by Lux Bond & Green, which truly helps us deliver superior customer satisfaction. Our professionals will work one-on-one with you on custom jewelry designs so that you can get the exact look and fit that you desire. Beginning with a personal consultation, we’ll draft up a design that fits your budget, and our goldsmiths and gemologists will fabricate your completely original piece of jewelry. Engraving goes hand-in-hand with customization, and Lux Bond & Green offers machine engraving, hand engraving, and laser engraving services. Our skilled engravers can add a custom symbol, initials, monogram, date, or personal message to any metal surface, from jewelry to picture frames. Engraving is a popular way to personalize wedding bands and sentimental jewelry gifts, like lockets.

Now that you know all about Lux Bond & Green’s extensive jewelry repair services, you can confidently dig that broken necklace out of your jewelry box and get ready to let it shine again! Taking the time to renew some of your favorite jewelry will make you feel good inside and out. It will also ensure that your jewelry will continue to last, and even make future generations smile. Find your closest Lux Bond & Green location across CT or in Wellesley, MA and stop by, or call ahead to set up a private consultation at your convenience.