Paul Morelli in the Spotlight

Paul Morelli in the Spotlight

The Philadelphia-based designer Paul Morelli specializes in exquisitely handmade jewelry in the made-to-order approach of traditional European ateliers. The attention to detail within Paul Morelli's creations is patient, as if from a slower-paced era. Each diamond, sapphire, pearl, or gemstone destined for a gorgeous, wearable piece of art is carefully and individually selected. Each finished Paul Morelli earring, bracelet, necklace, or ring passes through the hands of highly skilled artisans for careful inspection. All Paul Morelli jewelry is created in Philadelphia, at the artist’s family home, which is a true rarity in jewelry design today. It’s no wonder why Paul Morell’s designs appeal to discerning collectors, red-carpet mavens, and fine jewelry enthusiasts of all stripes.

Every Paul Morelli piece and collection has a unique voice. Rather than incorporating one technique or motif into many forms, Paul Morelli's collections are each distinct from one another. This designer is far too artistic to pin down with definitions. As a proud authorized retailer of this exclusive brand, Lux Bond & Green is pleased to bring several diverse collections to our customers, including the Paul Morelli Meditation Bells, Wild Child, Stellanise, and Confetti lines.

Paul Morelli’s Meditation Bell designs draw inspiration from ancient temple bells and chimes. The traditional purpose of a meditation bell is to focus attention on the present moment, cleanse a setting of negative energy, calm the mind, and create awareness. Paul Morelli's bell pendants feature a functional clapper, typically in white gold, whose gentle chime offers a reminder to pause for a mindful moment. In the hurried pace of modern life, couldn’t we all use a meditation break now and then? Paul Morelli bells are available in matte, 18k yellow gold with a lobster clasp integrated into the design. Granulated and raised striped textures decorate the bell’s surface, giving these pieces a timeless appearance. Bells can be securely attached to any gold necklace chain. They melodically embody the opposing concepts of movement and stillness at once.

No collection communicates Paul Morelli’s playful spirit as well as Wild Child. Whimsical pink or blue round sapphire petals form bubbly flowers, complete with green tsavorite leaves, diamond accents, and 18k yellow gold stems in the form of an ear wire, bangle, or lariat necklace. Wild Child jewelry by Paul Morelli allows grown-ups the chance to let their inner child shine in a glamorous way.

Paul Morelli’s Stellanise collection also features five-petaled flowers. However, this collection has an opposing silhouette to Wild Child. Stellanise earrings and necklaces have pointed, starlike petals, with deep blue sapphires that are tipped in diamonds and set in 18k white gold. While Wild Child invokes Spring cherry blooms, Stellanise is icy, with frosted blossoms in cool tones.

Confetti diamond rings and earrings by Paul Morelli put the designer’s appreciation of clustered diamonds on glorious display. Like a fistful of stardust thrown in the air, Paul Morelli’s Confetti designs feature asymmetrically clustered diamonds of varying sizes set into individual bezels along a ring band or earring surface. Confetti designs drip with the luxury of diamonds while offering a carefree vibe due to their lively, organic diamond arrangements. Hoop earrings are one of our favorite trends for the year thanks to their ability to bring breezy confidence to any outfit, time of day, or occasion. Paul Morelli’s small and large Confetti hoop earrings are the perfect everyday stunners, showcasing clustered diamonds with a rich, cascading, glittering effect.

Paul Morelli comes from a family of creatives who made their mark in Philadelphia’s theatre district by designing expressive theatre and opera costumes. Perhaps the originality that each prima donna brings to the stage inspired Paul Morelli's predecessors to create custom outfits in the same way that Paul Morelli is passionate about creating one-of-a-kind jewelry designs. Paul Morelli’s inspiration bounces from fashion to architecture, to cultural history, making it difficult to characterize his work with just one collection. Rather, Paul Morelli is constantly innovating and bringing new delights to his clientele. Paul Morelli has been designing since 1982 and is proud to be a staple of the fine American jewelry design landscape. Find a magical Paul Morelli piece at your nearest Lux Bond & Green store location, or by shopping our Paul Morelli collection online. Remember to keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting styles by this designer who defies categorization.