Paul Morelli

Paul Morelli's jewelry is as pleasantly airy as a Spring breeze and as sweet as a branch of brand-new blooms. The glittering simplicity of Paul Morelli's diamond and gold bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and pendant charms is cheerful in every form. Paul Morelli, the designer behind the jewelry house, is based in Philadelphia, where every creation is hand-made and meticulously inspected before it can be initiated into the collection. Only the most perfect baubles pass muster, and those that don’t are either recreated or melted down. This steadfast commitment to perfection is what’s gotten Paul Morelli to the peak of fine luxury American jewelry as one of the most pre-eminent designers today. His work is available through exclusive authorized dealers like Lux Bond & Green, and he’s created red-carpet looks for Rihanna, Dolly Parton, Laverne Cox, and GloRilla just to name a few.


The ebullient spirit of Paul Morelli's designs is in large part thanks to the designer’s background in theatre costume design and his immersion in fashion. The “house” of Paul Morelli is quite literally the building that has been in his family, where he works in the tradition of grandmaster artists, architects, and designers of eras past. The designer just as often custom-creates jewels for clients in an age-old tradition, as he employs the very modern method of 3D printing, which helps him cast these unique designs. Paul Morelli approaches jewelry design from an architectural angle, and his creations seem to defy basic engineering concepts by dazzling and delighting patrons.


Highlights available at Lux Bond & Green include yellow gold bell-shaped pendants from the Meditation Bells line, diamond and gold bangles from the AM/PM line, playful five-petaled flower earrings, and bracelets in candy colors like yellow, pink, and blue sapphires in yellow gold from the Wild Child line, diamonds floating on flexible gold strands within the Unity collection, as well as stunning designs from the LaFrange collection that combine Akoya and white pearl and diamonds into clustered masterpieces. Find your favorite Paul Morelli jewelry at a local Lux Bond & Green Connecticut or Massachusetts store, and experience the magic for yourself!