How to Figure Out the Right Ring Size

How to Figure Out the Right Ring Size

You’ve got the “4 C’s” of diamonds down pat. You know all about the differences between silver, platinum, and gold. You understand the basics of setting styles. You even know that she likes something called a “halo” or “gallery details.” What could be missing? Her ring size!

Depending on the maker or the design of the ring, it can be really important to get sizing right the first time. However, even if resizing isn’t a problem, you probably want to make a lasting impact with your proposal, and a ring that won’t go on, or won’t stay on, is a really great way to ruin a magical moment. So, how do you figure out the right engagement ring size for your significant other? We’ll let you in on a few techniques.

Get Sneaky in Her Jewelry Box

Start with something that you know fits. If she regularly wears rings, this trick is a super simple way to figure out her ring size without actually using her finger. Scope out her hands. Is there a ring that you can see she wears on her ring finger already? Or, one of the fingers next door? When she takes them off and heads to her regular Sunday morning Kickboxing class, to the shower, or even to sleep, this is your chance. There are a few ways to capture a ring’s size at this point:

  • Borrow it and scoot on over to your nearest jewelry store. Ask for the jeweler’s help.
  • Make an impression of the ring in a bar of soap. (Pro tip: remember to rinse it afterwards!)
  • Try slipping the ring onto a tapered candle, and mark where it lands.
  • Use your own finger. Slip the ring on and draw two lines with pen on either side of where it falls on you.

Remember, each finger is different, so pay attention to the digit and the hand. A ring that fits on her dominant ring finger is typically a half size larger than the same finger on the other hand.

Enlist an Accomplice

Do you know that she’s got a shopping day with the girls coming up? Get in touch with her friends beforehand. Ask them to take her to a jewelry store and do a little recon work for you. For many women, trying on jewelry with friends is a fun bonding experience. Have her friend notice not just her size, but the rings that she likes best. You can learn a lot about her preferred style or designer, without her ever needing to tell you.

Make an Informed Estimate

Don’t worry, you’re not out of luck if your s/o doesn’t wear rings. You can begin with some average calculations. The average ring size for women is between 5 and 8. The most common ring sizes for males are 8 to 12. However, with sizes going all the way down to 3, and up to 16, it might take a little more than understanding averages to get the size right. Take her height and frame into consideration. Is she short, tall, full-figured, or slender? Calculate accordingly.

Look at her hands. It might seem simple, but noticing whether her knuckles are large, or her fingers wide, could help you make the decision to go a half size in either direction. You want the ring to be comfortable enough to move slightly, but snug enough that it takes a good tug before slipping off.

This guessing tip helps to take the pressure off a little. What if you weren’t buying a ring, but a plain tee-shirt? You can figure that a size small would translate to a 4.5-5.75 ring size. A size medium would be 5.75-7. Large would be 7-8.5.

Consider the Style

Even with these estimating techniques, when in doubt, size up. It’s easier to take away material than to add it. However, not all rings can be resized easily, and this is something to keep in mind if you’re guesstimating. For instance, pave bands, with diamonds set into them, won’t be resizable without a major re-design. Like the look of a wider band? You’ll definitely want to size up.

Act a Little

Dressing up for a holiday together? Whether a cocktail party or costumed affair, hitting the mall together and checking out “play” jewelry can be one way to learn her ring size. Or, consider gifting a less expensive (but still thoughtful) ring that you think will fit the correct finger. You get to try it on together, but keep the actual engagement ring a surprise.

Go with the Flow

Understand that with all these tips and tricks there’s always the potential for her to catch your drift in one way or another. The important thing is that you’re both on the same page. If your s/o voices that she wants to be involved in the designing and fitting of her engagement ring, that’s great! Working together can be just as fun. You can still make “popping the question” a special event.

Now that you’re armed with some sly ways to avoid engagement day mishaps, take these tips to the pros. Our non-commissioned staff at Lux Bond & Green can help you select the right size from top engagement ring designers like Henri Daussi, Naledi, Forevermark, and so many more. Or, schedule an in-store consultation to build the ring of your dreams by calling 1-800-524-7336.