It's Proposal Season! How to Buy an Engagement Ring

It's Proposal Season! How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Maybe you’ll know it when you see it. You knew when you finally found the person that you want to marry, right? Could finding the perfect engagement ring also be stress free? Well, in our humble opinion, having just a little guidance as you contemplate the myriad of decisions that come with buying an engagement ring goes a long way. Don’t feel overwhelmed; instead, relax, and move forward with confidence with this handy how-to guide. Let us help you zero in on the foolproof “yes” ring of your significant other’s dreams.


Like any other big project, figuring out where to begin starts with an honest budget. Though many people consider an engagement ring to be a substantial investment, no one can or should tell you how much you ought to spend. You may have heard the age-old saying that suggests you spend two to three month’s income on an engagement ring. Instead, ask yourself a few other questions that acknowledge the bigger picture. Have you set aside savings? Would you want to pay up-front, or use credit? Some retailers, like Lux Bond & Green, offer a financing option to help you balance an investment like an engagement ring, month to month and over the course of one year with easy payment options. The Lux Bond & Green credit card offers several benefits:

  • A refreshable line of credit!
  • Online account management like bill-pay and statement viewing. Credit approved by Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • An easy application process.
  • Credit available instantly, subject to approval.

Just remember that this is a gift for your partner, and a symbol of your love. You want them to proudly wear this ring every day. So, decide on a ring that will not just meet your partner’s expectations, but blow them away!


Style is an important ingredient in making your S.O. happy, which also impacts the bottom line of the ring. Style helps you decide on priorities. Favoring a fancy diamond shape or color, an elegant setting, or the most premium metal choice, are all choices to consider in light of your budget.

Choosing a Diamond: First, think about the diamond itself with what we will call the five C’s. Diamonds are categorized by shape, and the four C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat. The fifth C is your confidence. While all of these factors affect the diamond’s value, carat is the simplest piece of the algorithm. The bigger the diamond, the more of your budget you’ll be devoting towards this rock. Cut refers to the way the skilled lapidary or diamond cutter adds facets to the raw stone. The most exacting cuts according to precise guidelines equate to the most “fiery” diamonds. Color refers to trace minerals, represented by a yellow, gray or brown tint that the gemologist professional detects. Truly “white” or colorless diamonds are the rarest and command the highest prices. Clarity refers to natural inclusions or flaws found within the body of the stone. As diamonds are natural elements, they are hardly ever one hundred percent pure. We recommend looking at each diamond with your own eyes first, before examining the 4 C’s on a paper report. Diamond shape strongly influences an engagement ring’s personality and price. Round diamonds are the most traditional, but there are many other shapes to choose from! Start your hunt for the perfect stone with Lux Bond & Green. We understand that online sellers are seemingly less expensive than brick and mortar stores, but it’s so important to look at the diamond versus the piece of paper or grading report. These reports might make stores like Lux Bond & Green look more expensive, but the value you receive from our independent jewelers’ report-vetting and selection process will usually give you a better diamond at a very competitive price.

Consider Setting: Once you’ve selected a stone, you’ll want to start picturing its presentation in the ring. Settings change the mood of the diamond. Prong, cathedral, and tension styles give the stone maximum viewing status. Bar and bezel settings utilize metal in partnership with the stone and can offer a more vintage feel. Pavé, micropavé and channel settings often include smaller diamonds as part of the style of the ring. A flush set diamond means that it is set all the way into the metal. The design of your engagement ring is up to your own aesthetic opinion, and what you think your S.O. would love to wear. Customization is a growing aspect of the setting because, if you can dream it, we can easily make with the technology of CAD (Computer Aided Design). Today, it’s easy, fast, and affordable.

Make a Metal Choice: White gold is one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. Platinum is the most valuable metal that you can select, preferred by some because of its maximum durability and silky appearance. Yellow gold and rose gold can also be lovely choices. Silver offers the look of white gold or platinum, at a fraction of the price.

But how do you know what your S.O. would like the most? Should you just ask them? Well, it depends if you want the proposal to be...

Planned: Nail the right style, together. Invite your S.O. to try on options with you at brick-and-mortar stores, or browse collections online. If the conversation of an engagement has come up but you’re not ready to go shopping yet, keep your eyes peeled for hints! For instance: a magazine page that’s been dog-eared, internet browser bookmarks, or a Pinterest page left open for your perusal. Keep things romantic, even if the perfect ring is right under your noses.

or, a Surprise: If you’re trying to pop the question spontaneously, asking direct questions is out-of-the-question. But don’t worry, you can learn a lot about your S.O. just by being observant. Check out their clothes, accessories, home decor, and of course, their jewelry, for clues about what they would wear. Can you picture them in an engagement ring that is super sparkly and big? Sporty and practical? Artsy and handmade? Another tip is to ask one of their close friends for an opinion.

Proposing is a beautiful step towards a new, wonderful life with the one you love most. Start thinking about them, and bring your ideas to Lux Bond & Green. We offer engagement rings for every budget, style, and personality. We hope to see you soon!