Gifting Jewelry for Valentines Day

Gifting Jewelry for Valentines Day

A Guide for Those Who Don't Know Where to Start

Valentine’s Day has a way of sneaking up after the holidays! With all the decorations put away, and the sparkles from New Year’s swept up, you might be asking yourself if Valentine’s Day is something you need to pay attention to. Well, let us ask you this: is there someone in your life who deserves some extra recognition for always being by your side? Don’t let this love-filled holiday pass you by. Whether you fancy yourself a true romantic or prefer more understated acts of affection, you can make your partner’s year with a beautiful piece of jewelry that you’ve hand-selected for them with care. Valentine’s Day presents an opportunity to pause and show a wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or fiancé how much they mean to you.

How should you start shopping for jewelry for Valentine’s Day?

Let Lux Bond & Green break it down for you by relationship length, jewelry gift type, and other Valentine’s Day considerations.

If it’s your first Valentine’s Day together, you’re probably feeling extra pressure to perform well and impress with a stunning gift. We’re here to tell you to relax, just a little bit. Thoughtful gifts of stud earrings or a pretty bracelet are perfect choices. You might still be getting to know one another and learning more about each other. We recommend choosing easy-to-wear pieces from the designer Delicato. These pave diamond disc stud earrings in 14k yellow gold are something she’ll be able to put on daily and think of you. This 14k gold bracelet featuring interlocking circles of twisted gold and pave diamonds plays up the symbolism of the holiday. Heart-shaped jewelry is another great place to start, and you’ll find pleasing looks like this small signature heart pendant from diamond experts Hearts on Fire.

Whatever you do, don’t opt for a ring box on your first V-day unless you are planning on filling it with an engagement ring and accompanying it with a proposal! A slightly subtle gift shows your S.O. that you’ll be there for the next Valentine’s Day and beyond.

For couples who’ve been together for two, three, four, ten, or even more years, it is perfectly reasonable for you to up the extravagance of your jewelry gift on Valentine’s Day. To improve your gift-giving approach this year, take these three major Valentine’s Day jewelry-buying tips to heart:

1. Describe her style.

If you can define your partner’s style, you’ll have no problem picking out a piece of jewelry that she will love. Look at her outfits, the jewelry that she wears, and consider her lifestyle. Noticing that she only wears gold, she doesn’t like to take her necklaces off before bed, and she wears hoop earrings when going out to dinner may seem like tiny details, but these are every day clues that can help you choose a Valentine’s Day gift that she will adore. Include a card or personal description of why you chose what you did, and she’ll feel cherished too.

2. Think like a romantic.

Successful relationships are built on many positive experiences. Noting key moments, such as your first date, the trip you took to the Bahamas, or when you cushioned her fall down the stairs at a Red Sox game, are the building blocks of your story together! Besides printing photos and keeping souvenirs of things you’ve done together and places you’ve been over the years, make memories last with symbolic jewelry that bonds you even closer. For example, a 14k gold baseball charm from trend-forward-thinking New York City designer Alex Woo not only looks cute, but will also give you both a giggle about that moment when Fenway Park almost stole her dignity. Referring to memories helps inspire creativity with Valentine’s Day jewelry gift ideas.

3. Don’t break the bank. (Or, break responsibly.)

You should buy something beautiful for Valentine’s Day. You also should resist the temptation to spoil your loved one so dearly that you’ll have trouble affording next month’s groceries. Make Valentine’s Day jewelry choices that are within your budget, and your actions will show your partner that you’re committed to them in practical ways. Don’t let us dissuade you from grand acts of romance though. Thinking it’s time for an extravagant gift, such as an upgraded diamond engagement ring through Lux Bond & Green’s Trade In, Trade Up Program? Set up a savings plan for a luxurious gift. She’ll love her gorgeous new diamond, and that you thought ahead.

For even more ideas, look no further than Valentine’s Day itself for inspiration. Hearts, lockets, key and lock symbols, glittery diamonds, and pink and red gemstones are all perfect places to begin your Valentine’s Day jewelry search.

Locket Down Her Love

Show your beloved how much you treasure her with a piece of jewelry from the designer of the same name, Tesoro. This 18k yellow gold puffy heart locket on a 24” cable chain can be personalized with photos or other mementos inside. You may also wish to take this Valentine’s Day opportunity to engrave a piece of jewelry, such as this sterling silver heart locket with a sweet poem or your family monogram. Lux Bond & Green offers hand and machine engraving services in a variety of fonts and customizable options.

The Color of Passion

Find colorful necklaces, earrings, and rings that emulate the hues of love. Consider these:

Shopping for Valentine’s Day can be a fun annual tradition, especially since once you get started, you’ll probably have a number of ideas to last you through the years! Find even more jewelry at Lux Bond & Green online, and in-store.