Diamond Buying Guide: Finding the Perfect Piece

Diamond Buying Guide: Finding the Perfect Piece

The perfect ring - how do you actually buy a diamond that fits your tastes and budget? It seems like a big decision with lots of facets, no pun intended. It certainly is – but you’ve got the right tools in your mind, your heart, and right here.

Diamonds are just one way that we show loved ones how much they mean to us. Their preciousness and everlasting sparkle evoke eternal devotion. When you gift a diamond, you’re looking for the brilliant smile on your loved one’s face that means they understand; they know that you picked this out especially for their particular tastes and that you thought about them through the entire process.

The basics of diamond buying are pretty simple. We begin with four “C’s”: Carat, Clarity, Color, and Cut. These categories, known as the “International Diamond Grading System,” were established in the 1940s by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a nonprofit that is regarded worldwide as the ultimate diamond authority. All jewelers use the four C’s as a standard to appraise the quality of each unique diamond, including, of course, those at Lux Bond & Green. In fact, the GIA and LBG are quite closely tied. Our fourth-generation leader, John A. Green, CEO of LBG, is also Chairman of the GIA Laboratory, as well as Former Chairman of the GIA Board. Lux Bond & Green has been bringing you quality, value, design, honesty, and exceptional service for 119 years, and our devotion to standards means that you can buy our diamonds with full confidence –- the hidden “C” in our diamond buying guide.

Before you make an investment in a valuable diamond, you probably want to be assured that our gemologists are qualified to measure this type of appraisal. In addition to our connection with the GIA, Lux Bond & Green is also aproud member of the American Gem Society (AGS). We have several Certified Gemologist Appraisers in our stores, as well as Certified Gemologists, and Registered Jewelers. Both of these organizations adhere to the highest standards and commitment to provide education about gemstones, ensure ethical conduct, and to protect consumers. Lux Bond & Green offers laboratory diamond grading reports when you make a diamond purchase, which have been carefully evaluated by the Lux Bond & Green gemologists to insure their accuracy. That way, you can know all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed when it comes to covering the four C’s.

Now that you’re feeling more confident, let’s take a look at the C’s that you can see! How does carat, clarity, color, and cut accumulate to equal the value of any given diamond? First, Carat. This is the metric measurement which describes the weight of a diamond. In combination with the other C’s, a diamond’s carat can be a good indication of its cost.

Clarity describes the amount of inclusions and blemishes within and upon a stone. Truly flawless diamonds are incredibly rare, as most have even the tiniest imperfections, viewed at 10x magnification with a binocular microscope by a gemologist. It’s important to note that all Lux Bond & Green diamonds are quality graded by our AGS accredited laboratory equipment.

Color, defined by the GIA Color Scale, represents diamonds from absolutely clear, with the letter “D”, all the way through “Z”, for yellow, gray or brown.

Cut defines the ratio of a diamond’s proportions and angles in relation to physics for the reflection and refraction of light. The most perfectly cut diamonds allow a stone’s “brilliance” or “fire” to be released. The factors that affect cut are both technical and artistic, thus the most complicated to control: Each particular set that allows facets to be shaped is a mixture of nature, science, and design. Cut, to quote the AGS, has the greatest effect on a diamond’s beauty, and conducting a diamond’s best performance is a detailed dance performed by master cutters. For more information and examples, the GIA offers some great interactive tools to help you better visualize the four C’s.

With a commitment to quality and honesty both from the top down; from our CEO’s seat on the GIA, and the bottom up; by our AGS-certified employees, know that you can expect exceptional education and service as well as a product that you can trust from Lux Bond & Green Jewelers. Our leadership and noncommissioned sales teams are here to make your diamond buying experience the best that it can be—so that you can bring home that perfect present, and do so while wearing the most attractive “C” of all—confidence.

Start your diamond buying venture today by using Lux Bond & Green’s online diamond search tool. Here, you can choose your ideal diamond shape, carat, color, cut, and more to find that perfect piece for your loved one. Or, you can browse our large selection of designer diamond jewelry here.