Men's Diamond Jewelry


Gone are the days when “men’s jewelry” meant solely a men’s wedding band. The modern man is wearing sophisticated, handsome pieces of jewelry with nearly every outfit style – and we are absolutely loving it: a sleek men’s watch for business wear, a classic leather or beaded bracelet with more casual looks, colorful cufflinks for formal events, tried-and-true chain necklaces, and even money clips crafted with precious gemstones for “just because.


Jewelry can say a lot about a man and his taste; and it is not just limited to one specific type of man, either. Fact is, anyone can rock men’s jewelry – old-timers, hipsters, millennials, entrepreneurs, rock stars, fashion aficionados, grizzly mountain men, and everyone in between. The vikings wore men’s jewelry. Kings wore jewelry. The Egyptians, African tribal leaders, Native American chiefs, and many very famous musicians all wore men’s jewelry. You can, too.


Men’s jewelry does more than just complement a look. It also demonstrates the thought and care that’s put into his overall appearance. Even the most effortless pieces can illustrate a man’s attention to detail.


If you are looking for something special to add to your (or your loved one’s) look, you have come to the right place. Lux Bond & Green has an extensive collection of stylish and sophisticated men’s jewelry, with something for every man – the suave and the cool, the simple and the extravagant, the active and the laidback. For the soon-to-be-groom, we also have a refined selection of men’s wedding rings.


Lux Bond & Green is an authorized seller of world-renowned men’s jewelry designers such as William Henry, Deakin & Francis, and more. Browse the collection online or visit one of our six CT & MA store locations to find the perfect piece of men’s jewelry.