Jill Rosenwald Pottery


Jill Rosenwald


Expertly smooth, elegantly hand-painted, and so much fun: Jill Rosenwald’s ceramics encourage happiness with just a glance. Every Jill Rosenwald piece is created by hand to order in Jill’s studio, which she shares with her husband Lawrence McRae in the Fort Point area of Boston. Jill Rosenwald has been in Boston for over 20 years. Today, she can still be found developing new forms in clay, drafting designs to be painted on her vessels, coming up with gorgeous new color combinations for glazing, and ensuring each object is kiln-fired to perfection. Skilled artisans throw and paint Jill Rosenwald's creations, adding a bit of luxury by lining each vessel’s rim in 14k gold. At least five pairs of hands touch each item before it is ready for its voyage to a new home. Flip over a Jill Rosenwald bowl or vase, and you’ll notice a signature, like any true work of art.

At Lux Bond & Green, we carry a variety of Jill Rosenwald pottery, including bowls, vases, pitchers, mugs, trays, and other tableware. Bowl shapes and vases come in full-bellied rounded shapes to those with wide mouths, flat or rounded bottoms, and stately columnar silhouettes. Jill’s secret to creating such appealing pottery is to carefully match the vessel’s surface design to complement its shape. She also remains inspired and is constantly coming up with new surface designs by observing the shapes, patterns, and light in Boston. She is also drawn to interpreting fabric texture, from denim to cashmere to linen. From orange and pink, to blue, yellow, and red, there are endless, joyfully colored options to choose from amongst Jill Rosenwald’s modern, polished, and bold designs. Commit to bringing brightness and honesty into your living space with Jill Rosenwald pottery. Visit our selection at your nearest Massachusetts or Connecticut Lux Bond & Green location, or shop Jill Rosenwald online!