L’OBJET is the life work of Elad Yifrach. A lifelong traveler, Elad is especially fond of the Mediterranean, its peoples and ways, and its venerable traditions of fine craft.Elad’s designs are in many ways a spirited homage to these great artisans. Yet he also aspires to extend and exceed these traditions, through painstaking effort and imagination, to create an entirely new echelon of artistry. A passion for innovation – in both technique and use of the highest quality materials - infuses everything he does. In his earliest collections, this was most evident in his use of porcelain.Seeking the most vibrant expression of its purity and elegance, Elad became obsessed with the study of porcelain manufacturing. He then humbly, but determinedly, approached the world’s foremost workshops with a unique vision. While dubious at first, he found a few artisans willing to try. It took months of trial and error, but the resulting pieces were unquestionably bold, beautiful… and above all else, innovative. Those first pieces not only earned him the respect of the craftsmen, but launched Elad into the global design spotlight.