Wondering Where to Get David Yurman Jewelry Repaired?

Wondering Where to Get David Yurman Jewelry Repaired?

As one of David Yurman’s earliest partners in 1983, Lux Bond & Green continues to represent and repair the David Yurman’s iconic jewelry and watches, both in our workshops and at David Yurman service center. Our thirty-three-year relationship with David Yurman began before they were known as the international jewelry brand that they have become today, after luckily meeting with the designers, sculptors and married couple, David and Sybil Yurman, in Springfield Massachusetts at a craft exhibition. They had just introduced the first cable bracelet, and we took a chance purchasing six bracelets as a test. Lucky for LBG, the test grew into a wonderful partnership with the most influential US jewelry designer.

Lux Bond & Green’s locations in Glastonbury, CT, Westport, CT, West Hartford, CT, Wellesley, MA and Mohegan Sun all represent the wide-ranging David Yurman collections, and all of our stores’ professional representatives and master goldsmiths ( including Greenwich CT and Boston MA) can help you for all your repairs needs. As an authorized David Yurman partner, we have the ability to help you care for their beautifully crafted gold and silver jewelry and to make repairs when necessary. We understand the quality of the precious metals and gemstones used throughout their pieces.

David Yurman jewelry and watches are well constructed with strict quality controls. These controls originate from David Yurman, but also through their partners (such as LBG). If cared for properly, their jewelry and watches will be enjoyed for many years. Having represented the Yurman’s for over 30 years, only a very small percentage of items come back for repairs, yet accidents happen and LBG has the staff and expertise to take care of every situation. Several naturally occurring elements such as perspiration, soaps, dust or perfumes will dull the appearance of gemstones and precious metals. It is always a good practice to wipe down your jewelry with a cotton cloth, or clean warm water after wearing. One reoccurring problem that we see is the discoloring of the jewelry when a wearer takes their jewelry into a chlorinated swimming pool. Please avoid this as it can destroy the finish of the beautiful jewelry.

Additionally, jewelry should be professionally cleaned and inspected at least once a year. Just like a fine instrument, periodic inspection and maintenance of jewelry helps prevent costly repairs or replacements. Personally inspect your jewelry as you wear it by looking for loose or chipped stones, worn links, bent prongs, or malfunctioning clasps. If you cannot inspect the items, we will happily inspect all your David Yurman jewelry and watches at no charge.

If a problem is discovered, we will give you an estimate for the cost and the expected time for the repair to prevent more extensive damage or loss.

How to Clean your David Yurman Jewelry

It is always good practice to wipe down your jewelry with a cotton cloth or clean warm water after wearing. LBG will always clean and check your jewelry and watches with our professionally trained staff at no charge. Please visit our stores for more information.

Interested in setting up an inspection or repair for your David Yurman Jewelry? Please call us at 1-800-524-7336 or visit one of our store locations across CT and MA.