William Yeoward Crystal : A Brief History

William Yeoward Crystal : A Brief History

William Yeoward, the man behind William Yeoward Crystal, is one of London’s leading creative forces. The Yeoward name has a reputation as a style maker and designer of beautiful products for the home.

At first, the Yeoward store on King's Road showcased mainly antiques, objects, and pieces that William had commissioned for his numerous design projects. The store flourished when he added furniture, lighting, dinner services, and crystal. William recalls, “Crystal has always made me very excited, and of all the things that I adore, I think that crystal is the product that gives me most joy. I was determined that one day it would be recreated in the style of my favorite 18th and 19th century pieces. How this was to happen I simply did not know.”

William met third generation crystal designer and maker Timothy Jenkins who immediately realized that they shared the same passions and aspirations. Shortly thereafter, William Yeoward Crystal was born. William shares, “[William Yeoward Crystal was] born out of passion and a love for beautiful things; I knew that not only did I respect Timothy hugely for his vision and incredible knowledge, but also because he had the grit and true determination to make our dream come true...beautiful pieces of crystal made in the traditional way for today’s homes.” The crystal was shown first in 1996 in London and was rewarded by British House and Garden Magazine’s “Best New Product.” At the same time, American Elle Décor magazine proudly announced that the collection epitomized the “zenith in crystal making.”

Lux Bond & Green has been a partner of William Yeoward’s Crystal since his arrival in the United States. It seems like yesterday when we received a beautiful crystal champagne flute in the mail that invited us to preview a new line of crystal being made available to a select group of retailers throughout the country. The champagne flute was unique, but also familiar in its design. It was the recreation of beautiful 18th and 19th century designs with a modern twist. The intrigue of this new and exciting product could not keep us away. We remember the day clearly, there was no formal show room, but a hotel suite filled with amazing pieces of crystal designed by William and Tim.

The entire collection is made by hand, using traditional tools and methods, which helps to preserve the appearance of antique originals. It takes many hours of highly skilled work to complete a single glass. William Yeoward collections contain some of the most beautiful and

unusual designs inspired by pieces from this period of fine English and Irish crystal makers. Each collection is named after a woman: Alexis, Bunny, Camilla, and Gigi to name a few.

The rest is history. The beauty and appeal of the collection, and the originality of the pieces, has been widely recognized world-wide. William Yeoward Crystal can now be found in some of the finest stores around the globe, including Lux Bond & Green, and on some of the most famous dinner tables in the world.

William Yeoward Crystal designs make excellent gifts for special occasions, such as weddings and housewarming gifts for new homebuyers. The Ella Caraffe and Funnel is an elegant way to showcase fine liquors, while gorgeously crafted vases like the Harlequinne are the perfect table centerpiece when filled with a bursting bouquet. Enjoying a beverage with friends is all the more uplifting when sipped from a handmade crystal Gigi Martini Glass. The art of living can be elevated by introducing beautiful objects like these to the table.

In 2008, William Yeoward Crystal received the Royal Warrant of Appointment from HRH The Prince of Wales as supplier of Crystal Glass for the family. Isn’t it wonderful to think that your home and the homes of your loved ones can be adorned just as royalty’s is, with William Yeoward Crystal? To browse our full selection of William Yeoward crystal and handblown glass designs, visit us online, or join us at your nearest brick-and-mortar store.