Why Henri Daussi Rings Are a Cut Above the Rest

Why Henri Daussi Rings Are a Cut Above the Rest

When selecting an engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring, you’re not only choosing an object of symbolism between you and your loved one. You are also selecting something that will become part of your family’s memories for generations to come. This ring will be treasured, ceremoniously passed along, and adored by many for its story and beauty. That story begins with you—and the ring. Henri Daussi, a trusted maker of the world’s finest engagement rings and wedding bands, offers some of today’s most stunning ring options and is a proud partner with Lux Bond & Green.

The craft of Henri Daussi diamond jewelry has been a family affair for over 60 years. First founded in Antwerp, Henri learned the art of diamond cutting from his father, who had learned from his own father. Henri spent years honing his craft, eventually becoming a master diamond cutter. Now, his two grandsons, Jeff and Kristiaan, manage the family’s business. Henri Daussi diamond rings are built on family skill, excellence of craft, superior quality, and signature style. Each unique diamond is analyzed to ensure that when cut, it will reflect its full potential in terms of brilliance and beauty. Each finished Henri Daussi ring is a cut above the rest.

Take for instance, this 18k white gold diamond halo ring. A cushion cut diamond is surrounded by a pave halo and displayed on a shiny white gold band. This engagement ring design is simply timeless; you can imagine your soon-to-be fiancé’s grandfather gingerly hiding it from her grandmother in his pocket before he proposes, as easily as you can envision your future son or son-in-law presenting it to his own new fiancé. Envisioning your own engagement as part of a family legacy is something that is integral to Henri Daussi rings.

A band like the platinum round diamond wedding ring would be a perfect pair to any classic engagement ring. With diamonds set along the top half of the band, you’ve got gorgeous sparkle, while granulation between each stone adds a little whimsy to this bright and icy look. Or, bring eternity to the next level with an 18k white gold twisted diamond band; two lines of pave diamonds intertwine along the top half of this ring. Like two lives woven into one, this Henri Daussi original is just as symbolic as it is pretty.

Maybe true golden tones are more your taste. Luckily, Henri Daussi rings look just as beautiful in rose and yellow gold. Round diamonds are set in a wavy, scalloped infinity setting in this fashion-forward 14k rose gold ring. This ring takes the cake for its delicate blend of modern and classic. It would be just as lovely stacked with vintage or contemporary styles. With an interesting mixture of round and hexagon shaped settings, this 14k yellow gold diamond wedding ring band is one of our favorites

Larger and smaller round diamonds are alternatingly placed in this artistic design. With each movement you’ll be sure to catch a flash of this ring! Not ostentatious, yet definitely glittery, this ring goes out to the less-is-more crowd.

Henri Daussi is not shy about testing uncommon combinations in his formal jewelry designs, as exemplified in this blue sapphire and diamond wedding band or this black diamond wedding ring, both in white gold. Though Henri Daussi has been designing for the modern woman for more than a half-century, his styles both retain appeal through the years, and have developed with contemporary trends to fit the diversity found in today’s wedding band wearer. Though taking cues from each year’s catwalk notes, and innovating with new technological advances, Henri Daussi never strays far from his roots, or from the promise to offer the world’s most brilliant diamonds. Begin—or continue—your Henri Daussi story online or in-store at Lux Bond & Green, “Where Every Box has a Story”™.