Why Choose a Platinum Wedding Band & Engagement Ring?

Why Choose a Platinum Wedding Band & Engagement Ring?

Platinum is one of the finest, rarest, and purest metals one can choose for a wedding or engagement ring. Its qualities are unique and different from traditional silver or gold, and in fact, platinum is increasingly becoming more in-demand than gold! Why do so many couples decide to go the platinum route?

Platinum is Durable

Besides jewelry, platinum is used for pacemakers, magnets, electrical contacts, and automotive parts called catalytic converters. You’ll find platinum in dental fillings, computer hard disks, optical fibers, and turbine blades. Platinum is even used in medications that are used to treat cancer! The characters Pt on the periodic table of elements represent platinum, and out of 118 elements, it is the 78th most dense. It is denser than Uranium, Tungsten, Gold, Rhodium, Lead, and Silver. It’s no wonder that objects made from platinum are made to last. This is just one great reason why couples choose platinum for their wedding or engagement rings.

Platinum is Rare

This dense element is found very deep in the earth’s crust, therefore making it more challenging to mine. Besides being hard to access, there is a low concentration of platinum within the earth when compared to other metals. For instance, according to the World Platinum Investment Council, platinum is 30 times more rare than gold. Platinum can be found underneath South Africa and Russia, and it takes great efforts to extract it. Platinum weighs more than gold and even once mined, the process to produce the stuff of rings, catalytic converters, and pacemakers from platinum ore results in only one part out of ten of usable, pure platinum. It goes without saying that if you can get your hands on platinum for a special ring, you should.

Why Platinum is Valuable

The combination of rarity and demand means that platinum holds more long-term dollar value than other common jewelry metals like gold and silver. Platinum engagement and wedding rings can be more expensive, but their beauty, quality, and promise of durability are determining factors for couples in the market for rings. Additionally, given its density, it takes more raw material to make a platinum ring than a gold or silver one, further influencing its value. Just hold a platinum ring in your hand your will be convinced. Purity is another factor. Platinum rings are around 95% pure platinum, while 18k gold for example is 75% gold. Alloys are necessary to make gold jewelry durable. For example, 24k gold is 99% pure, and everyday wear would easily create dents and damage to the jewelry’s integrity. Therefore, platinum is the metal for those looking for both purity, and durability in their jewelry.

All About Platinum Jewelry

When shopping for a ring that’s meant to last a lifetime, you want to be sure the engagement ring or wedding ring will last through phases of change. Your sense of style and personal expression may morph, but your ring should continue to represent a lasting and cherished love and should only require minimal maintenance.

Many couples choose platinum because of its color tone, which is a rich, deep white. While white gold is similar in tone, white gold is an alloy of gold and must be rhodium plated to preserve its white appearance. Platinum, rather, does not need to be plated to retain its color, and it will never need to be re-plated like some white gold jewelry.

Platinum does scratch more easily than gold. However, because platinum is so pure in composition, the color revealed underneath a scratch will match the rest of the ring and hardly be seen as a blemish. When a piece of gold jewelry scratches, the mark will be more obvious due to the alloyed nature of gold jewelry. Also, when polishing platinum, with its immense density, very little metal is removed insuring platinum’s lasting value.

Platinum jewelry is also completely non-toxic and hypoallergenic. People with sensitive skin may want to avoid white gold jewelry because the alloy used in gold rings may irritate their hands.

Many people find comfort in the heavier feeling of a platinum ring. Platinum certainly does feel luxurious. However, others prefer the lighter weight of gold rings. Our best suggestion is to visit one of our conveniently located jewelry stores across Connecticut and Massachusetts and try on some platinum wedding and engagement rings for yourself!

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