Why Add-a-Pearl Necklaces are The Perfect Sentimental Gift

Why Add-a-Pearl Necklaces are The Perfect Sentimental Gift

Add-a-pearl necklaces are beautiful and sentimental gifts that keep on giving for all of life’s most special occasions. These necklaces mark the passing of time, whether you begin with a single pearl at birth, at an early age, when pre-teens enter young adulthood, or even as a bride. The tradition begins simply, but each additional pearl added is a gift to remember, reminisce about and celebrate with loved ones. Lux Bond & Green’s Add a Pearl Green Card and Add a Pearl Pink Card programs are meant to help you foster cherished moments. Let the journey begin!

How do I start the add-a-pearl program?

It’s so easy to begin an add-a-pearl necklace. This Green Card starter add-a-pearl necklace is composed of a fine 14k yellow gold cable chain and a central 6mm pearl strung through its center. We also offer starter necklaces that begin with more than one pearl. For instance, this Pink Card starter add-a-pearl necklace includes three pearls, strung on a fine 14k white gold chain. Our starter necklaces come irresistibly ready-to-wear!

How does adding pearls work?

There are a variety of different sized fine cultured pearls available in the Lux Bond & Green add-a-pearl program. Pearl sizes range from 3mm up to 8mm (from the Green Card collection) and 3.5mm to 8mm (from the Pink Card collection) with many stops in between. This is one of the best parts of gifting an add-a-pearl necklace—you are in charge of the design! You might want the look to be graduated, with larger pearls in the center and smaller pearls as the necklace arcs around to the back of the neck. A necklace with consistently sized pearls is also a lovely choice. You can even change your mind over time. For instance, the central pearl doesn’t have to stay there if you opt for another arrangement, perhaps as your little girl matures and her tastes change. Lux Bond & Green will always restring your add-a-pearl necklace to your preferences at no charge.

What is the difference between the Green Card and Pink Card add-a-pearl programs?

The process for starting your necklace and adding pearls for both programs is exactly the same. The difference between the Green and Pink programs is all in the pearl. Both Green Card and Pink Card pearls come with Lux Bond & Green’s guarantee for high quality and lifetime satisfaction, however, Pink Card pearls are the more luxurious option. They have a shinier luster, with a pink overtone, and they are more perfectly spherical. These higher-grade qualities mean that Pink Card pearls are more rare and valuable. You can’t go wrong with either program, but Pink Card pearls have an extra touch of elegance.

Who gifts add-a-pearls?

Anyone can shape an add-a-pearl tradition. Your beginning is your choice. It’s more than a gift, but rather a commitment to bond with the recipient. Add-a-pearls are often given from grandparents to new baby girls, because as the little girl grows, Grandma or Grandpa can help her necklace grow too. With a little coordination, more family members can be included in the activity. For instance, aunts and cousins can trade the opportunity to gift new pearls. An add-a-pearl necklace is also a sweet father-daughter gift idea. No matter when you discover add-a-pearl necklaces, know that it’s never too late to begin a new tradition.

When can I gift an add-a-pearl?

Add-a-pearls are typically gifted on birthdays and family holidays, or for occasions like graduations or anniversaries. “When” depends on the relationship and story between you and the recipient. One, two or a few pearls can be gifted annually or more often. You can further embrace the tradition by marking each memory of a pearl exchange with a snapshot, and eventually making a photo album that helps string together the years. Watching the necklace grow in a child’s portraits every Easter or Passover is another fun idea.

Why gift an add-a-pearl necklace?

There are so many more reasons why an add-a-pearl necklace makes a thoughtful present.

1. Besides making her smile every year with the expectation of another pearl from you, this gift saves you time and headache because you’ll always know what to buy. Though her personal style is bound to develop over the years, pearls are always perfect because they are so timeless. They can also be worn at any age, meaning she won’t mature out of this piece of jewelry.

2. Designer pearl necklaces, while gorgeous, can be very expensive. Purchasing loose pearls over the years spreads the joy and the cost of gifting a luxurious pearl necklace out over time.

3. Owning something fancy offers a wonderful teaching opportunity for children and adolescents. With an add-a-pearl necklace, you can teach children to be careful and to use gentle hands with delicate items like jewelry. Learning to respect valuable items, as well as honor the tradition that goes along with them, are lessons that will last into adulthood.

4. A completed pearl necklace can become a special family heirloom. Whether passed on to a daughter-in-law when your son becomes engaged, or separated into new strands for each of your granddaughters, there are many possibilities for you to keep your special family bonds in the family.

Lux Bond & Green’s commitment to quality and consistency ensures that you’ll head home with the finest white cultured pearls every time you purchase an addition for an add-a-pearl necklace. If pearls become something that she is passionate about, we hope that you’ll explore necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets from the esteemed forefather of the world’s finest cultured pearls, Mikimoto. Additional modern, classic, and timeless pearl jewelry designs can be found in our complete designer pearl jewelry collection. We hope that you’ll shop these luminescent beauties online or at your nearest Lux Bond & Green location, and let our skilled non-commissioned associates take care of all your pearl desires.