What is a Watch Winder and Why Do You Need One?

What is a Watch Winder and Why Do You Need One?

There’s a tricky misconception about automatic watches and it comes from somewhere very basic—their name! You might assume that “automatic” means that any object is programmed to complete its task on its own, or “automatically.” Though there is truth to this when it comes to automatic watches, to truly keep a watch automatically wound, you must be part of the equation. An automatic watch keeps time by harnessing the energy created by the movement of your arm while wearing it. What about when you’re at rest, or away from your watch? Yes, you guessed right, your automatic watch will lose time. Therefore, many watch enthusiasts possess a watch winder, and they enjoy having one for so many more reasons.

Many watches not only keep track of hours, minutes, and seconds, but also days, months, and years. So consider this; if your automatic watch halts timekeeping for seven days before you realize it’s time to wind it, that’s 10,080 minutes you’ll need to fast-forward as you wind the crown of your watch. Running late to an event and hoping to wear your favorite formal timepiece? Well, if it’s months behind, you’re likely to never show up; you’ll still be winding away the days. For automatic watches with a perpetual calendar, a watch winder is an essential timesaver. A watch winder will gently and securely rotate your timepiece at intervals. This fools the mechanics in the watch into thinking it’s being worn, and it will keep time perfectly.

A watch winder is not only functional, it’s also an attractive object for your bureau, study, or office. It looks a bit like a jewelry box, but it contains a highly calibrated motor. For example, the Wolf Viceroy Winder sports a subtly textured black leather exterior, a silk interior, and chrome finished hardware for a vintage yet timeless look. Like a fine record player or a musical instrument, a watch winder is a tool that also helps you showcase your sense of style, and your personality, especially with a gorgeous watch inside.

When placing a watch into your winder, first, check to see if your watch is moving. If not, give it a few winds because a watch winder is not able to kick-start a watch that has no motion. Then, open the case and remove the cushioned cuff. Place your watch band around the cuff and latch the watch as if it were on a wrist. Place the watch with cuff back into the winder, ensure that your settings are to your liking, and let it do all the work! A watch winder can be set to your desired number of turns per day, or TPD. Learn about your timepiece from its designer to understand how many TPD are recommended for your make and model. When turned on, the watch winder will rotate and pause to your prescribed number of turns. Additionally, you should consult your watch’s designer to learn what direction your watch should be turned for the best results. They may recommend that you set your watch winder to turn clockwise, counterclockwise, or both. As you use your watch winder, you’ll become accustomed to the settings, and eventually, you’ll have your winder perfectly synchronized.

Using a watch winder can have a positive impact on your timepiece over its lifespan. For example, a timepiece in motion efficiently distributes the lubrication within your watch. When a watch sits dormant, oils may dry or coagulate, which can lead to gear movement problems. Using a watch winder is just one component of taking care of your watches. You’ll also want to ensure that you only expose a watch to water only if it is waterproof and generally treat it respectfully like the precious item that it is. Storing watches when they are not being wound in a leather vault tray from Wolf Designs, will further protect them from scratches and tarnishing. Most importantly, bringing your watch to be serviced within the recommended 4-6 years to a reputable watch repair shop will keep it in tip-top shape for its lifetime, and yours. Unless you experience a problem, such as a broken watch bracelet or a stopped second hand, you shouldn’t need to have your watch serviced more often than this, but understand that quality servicing is another key component to help promote longevity and get the most out of your timepiece.

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