This Year’s Top Gift Ideas from Simon Pearce

This Year’s Top Gift Ideas from Simon Pearce

Over the course of 2020, the word “home” has taken on a different meaning. In the modern sense of the word, home is a place where you rest, dine, relax, and gather with loved ones. This year, while our homes have certainly continued to be oases, they have also transformed! Many people have found offices, classrooms, gyms and theaters in their basements, spare bedrooms, and living rooms. Because home is now the place we spend most of our time, it is that much more important to fill it with objects that make us happy. This holiday season, consider brightening the home with beautiful Simon Pearce gifts. Simon Pearce takes artisanship and quality seriously, and at Lux Bond & Green, these are qualities that we deeply value. Choose from a wide selection of US-made dinnerware, fine glassware, and festive décor for everyone on your list.

For Him

Encourage him to put his feet up and unwind with his favorite drink around the holidays. This experience is so much more luscious with handblown glassware. Choose from a variety of vessel silhouettes, from the Woodbury decanter, which has a handsome squared profile, or the Rye decanter, with a round stopper and smooth, sloped shoulders. A glass like the Vintner snifter is excellent for his finest cognacs and bourbons. If his tastes are more for grapes than spirits, the dramatic Madison carafe offers maximum aeration. Pour a big red into the Woodstock Balloon wine goblet, and enjoy the merriment!

For Her

No tablescape is complete without a stunning centerpiece to match her style. Simon Pearce specializes in vase designs that marry creativity and tradition, resulting in lasting appeal. A unique and artistic piece like the Anemone vase would be perfect for arranging seasonal blooms. For the more colonial household, the Revere bowl features a wide, hand-blown bell shape and a sturdy foot. Fill a bowl like this with bright lemons or shiny apples for a neat and fresh table. The nautically inclined may be drawn to the Echo Lake tall vase. Rippling bands of glass along this cylindrical display would perfectly offset a display of beachy reeds. Recognizing her tastes and gifting accordingly is sure to bring happiness to all.

For the Holidays

Simon Pearce candlesticks and glass trees bring warmth and joy to the home during the holidays. For instance, the stacked balls of glass that make up the Hartland candlestick are truly whimsical. They play well on a holiday table with handblown glass trees, such as the 16” snowy branch evergreen, the 18” five-sided evergreen, or the 20” evergreen. Arrange varying sizes for a glittering tabletop forest! Now, the real Christmas tree in your home deserves some Simon Pearce attention too, and this artisan’s ornament selection does not disappoint. Gifts of glass ornaments shaped like a rocking-horse, a polar bear, or a Vermont evergreen will reflect the lights on the tree beautifully, and make an impactful present.

For New Homeowners

For new homeowners, sharing the latest updates with family and friends often means lots of calls and Facetime. Set up your space and stay connected from any surface with Simon Pearce glass smart device holders. The Woodbury cellphone holder and the Woodbury tablet holder are both functional and attractive objects that help you stay in touch from any counter or table in the home.

New homeowners can also get excited for a good deal of home cooking and dining. Gorgeous ceramics from Simon Pearce elevate that daily experience. Objects from the pretty and organically shaped Burlington line, like this pasta bowl in moss or this dinner plate in cloud, are tastefully different. The Belmont ceramic tableware line offers sturdy, handmade plates in neutral tones, like this pasta bowl in celadon and the dinner plate in dove. Finally, we must highlight the Cavendish pitcher in dove. It is hand-thrown, glazed in a beautiful cream color, and seems to be right out of a Dutch Vermeer painting. These are gifts that truly accentuate the art of living.

For Couples

Bubbles and corks simply go hand-in-hand with cheer over the holidays. It’s a great time of year to take some time for romance and slow things down with your s/o. Imbibe in some brut with champagne flutes from Simon Pearce, like the classic Hampton or the V-shaped Hartland. Ensure that you keep bottles classy and chilled to match your attitude, using the Woodbury ice bucket. You might also want to soak in this time of year with a vintage bottle of wine that you’ve been saving for a special meal or moment. The Woodstock red wine glass or the Cavendish white wine glass offer different shapes to match you and your honey’s palette. Gifts that couples can share help make this season all the more delightful.

As you can see, the home gift ideas abound from Simon Pearce. Finding the best new treasure for him, for her, or for anyone else is easy when choosing from eye-catching glass and dinnerware, luxury holiday decorations, barware, vases, and vessels. Set the mood this time of year for festivities and gratitude, in your own home and for those who you hold dear. Shop for Simon Pearce gifts online at Lux Bond & Green, or visit your local Connecticut or Massachusetts location for safe in-store shopping.