Thinking of Designing or Resetting a New Piece of Jewelry?

Thinking of Designing or Resetting a New Piece of Jewelry?

Resetting your precious diamond ring or gems can sometimes be a scary proposition. We recognize the sentimental value and the years of memories that each piece of jewelry holds and that most customers have significant concern over whether or not they will like the new piece that will be created. You are not alone, because our staff shares an eagerness to retain the integrity and beauty of each piece they redesign or remount.

First our team is trained to be great listeners. Unless you find a designer who wants to create what you want to wear, the piece can end up incorrect or not meeting expectations. Second, our staff is not on commission. They never have been. So we go out of our way to create a ring, or pendant, or new design that works for your taste, your budget and your style. Most importantly, we love this part of our business. It's fun, its creative ,it's a passionate part of our lifetime relationships with our customers and every box has a story. It does take patience, because a redesign can't happen overnight, and it also requires some trust as many customers can't envision what their new piece will look like when complete. But with a long history of designing jewelry for over 100 years, you can rest assured that each piece will be crafted with the utmost care. Our approach leverages computer-aided design, CADCAM, in addition to the traditional drawings and waxes, so most customers can actually see what we can create upfront. Our team of master goldsmiths, casters, gemstone buyers, designers and engineers work collectively to ensure that what we build, is what you want!

To begin, we can start with a picture from a magazine or catalog showing the piece or style of jewelry that you like. Often, we can create that exact design for your gemstones or color combinations. Our capabilities are almost limitless. 

When designing an engagement ring, the process is slightly different. We have literally hundreds of rings already complete for you to choose, try-on and image. This is usually the beginning of the process and brides often mix and match elements of multiple rings to create their own special engagement ring. We can build one, rework another, copy one and make your special memory.

Lux Bond & green has five in-house goldsmiths and, cad-cam designers in Glastonbury and Westport, and we also partner with workshops from Maine to California for additional engineering, design, casting, die-striking, enameling, engraving and specialty work. We will design the memories for tomorrow and for generations to come. Allow our abundant experience and legendary attention to detail to make your beautiful jewelry for a lifetime of memories. Every Box has a Story.