The Top Pearl Jewelry Designers of 2021

The Top Pearl Jewelry Designers of 2021

Have you heard of the fifteenth-century painting by Johannes Vermeer, Girl with the Pearl Earring? While there are many equally stunning Dutch paintings from this era, this rendering is particularly spellbinding. The mystery around the identity and life of the young woman in the portrait has thoroughly inspired talented modern storytellers. The 1999 historical fiction novel by Tracy Chevalier added introspective, saucy flavor to this already well-known artwork, while a major motion picture by the same name, directed by Peter Webber in 2003, truly brought it to life in living color. When we look into this painting, our gaze is drawn from the woman’s eyes to the glossy earring tucked in darkness, to the bright spot on her lips. It is incredible how a single pearl earring has imbued this seemingly simple portrait with so much alluring drama. Pearls are powerful, captivating, and timeless. At Lux Bond & Green, you will find beautiful pearl looks from the world’s most precious pearl jewelry designer, Mikimoto, as well as other luxury jewelry designers such as David Yurman, and Marco Bicego who embrace pearls in their designs. Fine pearl jewelry is something you’ll covet for generations.

Mikimoto has been creating designer pearl jewelry since around the same time that Lux Bond & Green entered the scene, in 1898. In 1893, Kokichi Mikimoto created the first cultured pearl, which was a revolution for pearl jewelry. Consider the awe that the first perfectly round pearl inspired. After millennia of harvesting natural pearls from the ocean depths, now, perfect, supple pearls could be harvested from oysters without holding one’s breath, and in large quantities too. Pearls became fashionable, as well as accessible. Over the past century and a quarter, Mikimoto pearl designs have become the true hallmark of pearl jewelry perfection. Once you spot a single pearl, you’re likely to want more to match…or an entire strand!

Mikimoto’s Pearl earrings recall the captivating nature of Girl with the Pearl Earring. You need a pair of versatile studs in your jewelry box, such as these AAA quality 8-7.5mm pearls, or these A+ quality Akoya pearls with a diamond. For special occasions, we recommend theatrical clusters like these pearl and diamond earrings from the Japan collection, or diamond and pearl drop earrings. No matter if you’re posing for portraits or simply going about your day, Mikimoto pearl earrings add a certain allure.

The youngest fashionistas in our lives might also find a fascination in jewelry, particularly pretty pearls. Family members can get their grade-schoolers started with their first “grown-up” necklace through Lux Bond & Green’s Add-a-Pearl program. Begin an Add-a-Pearl Pink Card or Add-a-Pearl Green Card with a 14k white or yellow gold chain and a single pearl, and then look forward to gifting more pearls over holidays and birthdays. You’ll watch her self-confidence grow along with this treasured gift.

For the adult set, a lovely way to highlight a single pearl or a few pearls is with a pendant necklace. Classy yet more casual than a full strand, pendants are great everyday necklaces that are also easy to dress up or down. For example, Mikimoto’s graduated Pearls in Motion pendant is as easy to wear to work as for a date night. With five Akoya pearls, it sits on the decollate at 18” and is available on an 18k white gold chain as well as an 18k yellow gold chain. This on-trend pearl lariat pendant necklace, also from Mikimoto, features an Akoya pearl dropped from a diamond on an 18k gold chain.

Speaking of pearl earrings and pendant necklaces, we would be remiss not to mention Marco Bicego. This second-generation Italian jewelry designer focuses on fine white and yellow gold, shaped through Italian traditions. Lux Bond & Green particularly adores how this designer incorporates pearls. The freshwater pearls in these 18k yellow gold and pearl drop earrings flow beautifully into the silhouette of the ear wire. Pair them with the Africa boule pendant featuring a freshwater pearl on a 15.25-17” yellow gold cable chain for a timelessly gorgeous look.

We’re not surprised that New York City-based designer David Yurman uses pearls in many of his designs, because David embraces artistry in every piece of jewelry that he and his wife, Sybil, create. David Yurman bangles and bracelets get an irresistible boost from pearls! For example, this 18k yellow gold cable bracelet features cultured freshwater pearls set into each end of the bangle. This mixed metals bracelet, called the Helena, includes a sterling silver bangle wrapped at either end with an 18k gold ribbon, inlaid with diamonds, and finally capped with cultured freshwater pearls. Pearls add a unique beauty to any type of jewelry.

As you can see, pearls are for all generations of people and all walks of life. Mikimoto pearls are not just for your grandma! There are so many more styles of Mikimoto pearl necklaces to browse at Lux Bond & Green, not to mention other top designers who favor pearls. Shop our favorite pearl jewelry designers online, or visit your nearest Lux Bond & Green brick-and-mortar location to feel the pure luxury of cultured pearls in your own hands.