The Most Sought After Pearls in the World

The Most Sought After Pearls in the World

The Most Sought After Pearls in the World

Australian South Sea Pearls are undoubtedly some of the rarest and most beautiful pearls in the world. These pearls achieve crème-de-la-crème status thanks to their unmatched luster, thick nacre, rich color variety, and size. Australian South Sea Pearls are exclusive to the oyster species Pinctada maxima, which prefers growing in a remote, off-the-grid environment. Pinctada maxima oysters take time to luxuriate in their habitat, and it takes about two years for them to produce substantially sized pearls of 10 to 15 millimeters. There are also strict quotas imposed by the Australian Government around pearl harvesting, including regulating limited production quantities, which benefits the Pinctada maxima by keeping their habitat clean and offering the large oyster the space and time it needs to flourish. The Australian jewelry designer, Paspaley, specializes in these oysters, but more specifically, in their fine pearls and mother-of-pearl, known to be the best in the world. Paspaley carefully lures these gems from the sea and merges them with the most elegant settings and accompaniments of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and other gemstones.

The Paspaley family has been enchanted by Australian South Sea Pearls for 90 years. The company was founded in 1935, yet by this time, its ambitious founder Nicholas Paspaley was embedded in the pearl diving trade in rural Western Australia. Paspaley remains a family business today, whose faithful leadership guarantees that Paspaley pearl jewelry remains the highest quality that nature will allow. For example, Paspaley follows a “leave no footprint” philosophy throughout all stages of their jewelry production. Without clean and healthy oceans, there can be no pearls. Paspaley is committed to the waters in which their pearls thrive. By embracing zero-impact farming techniques, Paspaley is a leader in sustainable aquaculture practice. The slow and careful process of collecting oysters by hand is part of Paspaley’s equitable model, which also adheres to the “Pearling Code of Practice,” ensuring the safety of divers and other pearling professionals. The challenge of cultivating these pearls consciously is rewarded by the rare beauty of Australian South Sea Pearls—the highest quality pearls of all the world’s oceans.

The natural shape of individual pearls is one of Paspaley’s sources of inspiration. The magic of opening a giant Pinctada maxima oyster after years of growth can reveal a round, oval, triangular, and irregularly shaped pearl in colors ranging from cool white to golden, silver, pink, peach, red, and more. Each Paspaley collection accounts for the pearl’s unique beauty during the design and jewelry creation process. The Paspaley creative process is far from over once the pearl is in hand. Each sketch and fine metal component used to make Paspaley jewelry is drafted, sculpted, and finished by skilled artisans, with great attention to detail.

Paspaley’s Delfini designs mix hand-selected round and irregularly shaped pearls. Delfini strands have an easy-going, natural look that is more casual yet no less glamorous than traditional symmetrical pearl necklaces and bracelets. The Delfini pearl collection strands are available in choker and bracelet lengths. Paspaley is always an excellent choice for classic pearl strands.

The Dive series by Paspaley brings pearls together with nautical inspiration from the tools of the trade used to collect these precious ocean specimens. Ropes of gold comprise creative bales for pendants and bands for rings, and the thick chains used to hoist and haul on a ship are expressed in miniature as pearl necklaces with a statement chain. Paspaley mother-of-pearl coin charms take sailing inspiration from many seafaring sources, including Dutch guilders buried among shipwrecks off the Australian coastline, the four directional points of navigation equipment, and even the classic tattoos that adorn divers arms.

Paspaley is perhaps best known for its signature Lavalier collection. Paspaley Lavalier necklaces and earrings combine beautiful pearls with a delicate gold chain basket, inspired from the sea, and draped from a bead sometimes including extra adornments such as diamonds or rubies.The drama within this collection is all based on gravity. The pearl encased inside each Lavalier swirls free within its nest, with no holes or posts anchoring it down. Paspaley’s Lavalier jewelry is at once delightfully playful, stunning, and luxurious.

Paspaley’s flagship store is in Sydney, Australia, yet thanks to Lux Bond & Green and our desire to bring the finest quality jewelry to our customers, Americans should think twice before tackling 24 hours of air travel. We are proud to say that Paspaley is currently available in the United States only at Lux Bond & Green. This honor makes it a true gift to share rare Paspaley pearls with our customers. To experience Paspaley jewelry, visit our West Hartford Flagship location in Connecticut, or browse our Paspaley collection online.