Tag Heuer in The Spotlight

Tag Heuer in The Spotlight

150 years of excellence. Perseverance towards the ultimate performance and precision. Innovation of mechanics and design at every new era. These are the things that the unparalleled Swiss watch-making company, Tag Heuer, is made of. Lux Bond & Green has a fantastic partnership with this storied watch brand. From our close relationships with today’s iconic CEO, Jean-Claude Biver, who helps lead the entire swiss watch manufactures, to Jack Heuer, our companies hold a close bond with quality products and great values.

The legend began in 1860, when a 20-year-young Edouard Heuer opened his first watchmaking workshop. Over its illustrious lifetime, the Tag Heuer brand has proven that there are no heights too tall to scale, and no challenge to difficult to overcome. Since its inception, Tag Heuer has been lauded and respected by iconic people from all industries; from fashion and Hollywood, to motor sports and soccer, to artists and musicians. Additionally, Tag Heuer is committed to an ethical approach, as a member of the Responsible Jewelry Council. These special timepieces represent classic, luxury style, partnered with the accuracy of professional sports equipment, and a conscience that we can all be proud of. Tag Heuer is everything you could want in that accessory you don every day: your timepiece.

The history of Tag Heuer is truly storied. Between 1860 and 1887, Edouard built his business. He incorporated the help of his son and established a subsidiary establishment in England. Then, Heuer made a major breakthrough for the world of chronography—he invented the “oscillating pinion”; a mechanical function that is still used in watches today. Edouard passed away young in 1892, however this family-run company would continue to make brilliant moves.

Tag Heuer made its maiden voyage overseas to America in 1910. The turn of the century also ushered in Tag Heuer’s dedication to professional sports. The company was the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games in Paris in 1924, and in Amsterdam in 1928. Tag Heuer appealed to important figures in history, and also made history. For instance, General Eisenhower, sported one. In 1962, Tag Heuer became the first Swiss watch to enter space. In 1970, the Team Ferrari racecar driver, Clay Regazzoni, took a Tag around the track at top speeds.

Some of our favorite Tag Heuer watches at Lux Bond & Green are those which were inspired by those early high-octane adventures. In 1963, Tag Heuer introduced the ultimate sport chronograph, the Carrera. With a recognizable and easy-to-read dial, this style—inspired by motor racing—is an iconic timepiece. A second fast-paced design, the Formula 1, is made to keep up with you, blending casual lines with performance quality. The Aquaracer, sturdy enough for professional divers, yet stylish enough to take you from the wide-open sea to the vistas of city-life, is another inspired design that captures the best of both worlds.

Though Tag Heuer creates unparalleled performance watches, the company is not only all about sport. Luxury aesthetics are equally important. In 2005, the company invented an extremely exclusive, feminine watch decked out in hundreds of diamonds on a red satin band, through which LED lights illuminate the time in digital numbers. Only three were created, and one is owned by actress and model, Uma Thurman. A few of our own favorite Tag Heuer designs lean on this side of luxury. The Link is a comfortable and elegant choice, featuring chic geometric lines. The Monaco is rebellious option with a square face; it was favorited by the movie-star, Steve McQueen.

It makes perfect sense that Lux Bond & Green, built on 120 years of experience and trust, endeavors to keep your Tag Heuer timepieces in excellent condition over their lifetime. Because no item is completely indestructible, Lux Bond & Green hopes that you will take advantage of our watch repair services. Not only do we adjust exterior tweaks, such as bracelet sizing, watch cleaning, polishing, and restoration, but our skilled watchmakers are also factory authorized to provide internal services such as clock repair. Need a battery or a strap replaced? We do that too. Owning a special piece like a Tag Heuer watch also includes a commitment to its maintenance, and at Lux Bond & Green, keeping heirloom objects in the family is what we do best.

If you haven’t yet had the pleasure of owning your own Tag Heuer timepiece, it might be time to learn more. On the other hand, if you know the feeling well of sporting one of these luxurious watches, passing a fresh accessory along to a younger loved one—such as a new graduate—would be a true gift of love and understanding of value, success, and achievement. Tag Heuer watches are available in-store at Lux Bond & Green’s Connecticut and Massachusetts store locations.