Simon Pearce – Glassware Designed for Life

Simon Pearce – Glassware Designed for Life

Simon Pearce creates glassware that is built on a rich legacy of artisanal tradition. Born in Ireland and raised in London, Simon set out on a devoted path at the young age of 16 to learn the most prestigious methods in pottery and glassmaking, using the finest of materials. After training with glassmakers across Europe and incorporating centuries-old Georgian techniques, Pearce set up his own riverside studio in picturesque Vermont. Pearce’s made-in-America designs continue to inspire and delight, a half-century later. His unwavering dedication to roots and quality is just one of the many reasons Simon Pearce is a favorite gift designer at Lux Bond & Green.

The character of every Simon Pearce item is made to add a touch of grace to your table. Authenticity is central to Pearce’s crystal designs, allowing you to enjoy their form and function in the home: how they add ambiance without distraction, class without ostentatiousness, and let you to focus on the true highlights of living and entertaining – sharing time with loved ones.

As Pearce said himself in a 2015 video interview, “The human hand can’t do anything perfectly, and that’s the beauty of it.” His company’s testament to making almost everything by hand is what allows Simon Pearce products to stand out from other glassmakers’ wares. That human, “perfectly imperfect” element cannot be replicated by a machine, and in fact, Pearce products are the antithesis of such factory production. Simon Pearce glassware is truly designed for life, by life.

Simon Pearce incorporates exceptional elegance into all his glassware, for every taste. A true variety in aesthetics is found in particular with his vases, bowls, and wine glasses. Simon Pearce vases take on all sorts of shapes and sizes, ranging from traditional and symmetrical to artistic. For example, the small Woodstock Bud Vase is quite classic, with a rounded body and tapering lines up to its rim. It is perfect for dainty arrangements at just 5 3/8” x 3 3/4", and would be a great gift for any minimalist. For slightly larger bouquets, the Chelsea Optic Posy vase offers more movement with a literal “twist” at its neck, resulting in luscious ribbing in the body. The Medium Weston Vase features a flared body shape, perfect for more dramatic flower displays at 6” x 7”. From the simple to the expressive, Simon Pearce’s vase designs are made with you in mind, offering limitless possibilities for adding the liveliness of flowers into your home.

For unique centerpieces without stemmed florals, Simon Pearce designs also have you covered. Glass bowls filled with fruit, stones, candles, succulents, or seasonal decorations (like pinecones, sand and shells, or pumpkins) can truly pull a party’s theme together or lift your household’s spirits on a daily basis. Memories are marked by holidays and the changing of the seasons. With a Simon Pearce glass bowl, you can make those special times really last in the minds of guests and family members.

The upside-down bell-shaped Large Shelburne bowl has elegant lift with a small rounded foot and full convex belly. In contrast, the Medium Chelsea bowl, inspired by flower petals, features a ruffled rim, making it a very distinctive and feminine piece. One of the largest varieties at 12”x12”x4”, the Crystalline Cadent Large Bowl offers the most interior space in a handmade stoneware piece. No matter the season, any of these choices would translate your vision for the perfect centerpiece to your table.

Simon Pearce wine glasses also take a geometric and unusual direction with pieces like the Woodstock Red Wine glass. Its flat bottom is surprising, yet a trimmed table set with a grouping of these would be delightful at any get-together. Stately Vintner White Wine glasses offer a traditional, round-bottomed option to satisfy the more astute oenophile. Drinking from wine glasses that are attentively handmade truly contributes to the beauty and tradition of sharing a toast with loved ones.

These are just a few highlights from the Simon Pearce glassware collection, but we encourage you to browse the full Simon Pearce selection available at Lux Bond and Green. Each piece is made to last generations – through design that never fades and function that remains elegant. Handcrafting each object with care, as only the eye and skill of fine artisans can offer, Pearce keeps quality at the forefront of the entire creative process. Promoting a better, simpler, more genuine way of life, Simon Pearce glassware asks you to slow down, and enjoy each moment.

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