​Say "I Do" to Pearl Bridal Jewelry

​Say "I Do" to Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Pearls—shimmery, smooth, organic. Though technically classified as gemstones, they’re in a class of their own. Pearls are not formed in the ground by elements and pressure, but rather by a living creature, in the depths of the ocean. Maybe this is what makes them so mysterious and alluring! In fact, they are casually nicknamed the “Queen” of gems, and they have a long history of being beloved and sought after by the wealthiest peoples of the ancient world. From East Asian royals, to Persian princesses, pearls held an aura of power and prestige. Pearls today still hold much of the same value among designers and wearers alike.

Through the ages, pearls have been shrouded in a variety of different beliefs. Knights wore them for protection when heading into battle. The Ancient Greeks pictured the goddess of love, Aphrodite, emerging from a shell. The Greeks knew these precious gemstones as “tears of the gods.” Hindu folklore tells that pearls are dewdrops that have fallen from the sky at night into an ocean illuminated by the moon. Persians credited the union of a rainbow and earth as the action that produced pearls. The Chinese associate pearls with the strength and ferocity of dragons. Even Jesus Christ is sometimes alluded to as a pearl produced by Mary. So much fantastic imagery has been inspired by pearls! What cultures might have agreed on, is that pearls are the ultimate symbol of purity, integrity, and wisdom. Love, the ocean and moon, and beauty, are all traditional symbols of femininity. It is no wonder why pearl bridal jewelry is a natural choice for the betrothed around the world.

Pearls are simply, natural. It doesn’t take any precise measurements or sharp-edged tools, no special magnification or calculation, to conclude that a pearl is beautiful enough to wear. Pearls come out of an oyster in perfect fashion. Sometimes, just a single pearl is enough to make a beautifully simple statement. But, with so many creative options available, designers often have fun with pearls: from experimental settings, to layering, to contrasting with gemstones, or stringing different colors and shapes of pearls together.

One of the greatest innovations in pearl jewelry was the creation of cultured pearls. Around the turn of the century, the son of a Japanese noodle maker purposefully introduced an irritant into a mollusk, in order to signal its biological reaction to make a pearl. No longer would deep-sea divers have to risk it all to collect tons of oysters, only to yield a few pearls. Though cultured pearls shifted the value system around pearls worldwide, they only increased the gemstone’s popularity, along with its accessibility. Kokichi Mikimoto pearl jewelry remains very much prized today. In fact, Lux Bond & Green was one of the first partners and brand ambassadors for Mikimoto in the United States over 30 years ago.

For brides, pearls offer beautiful symbolism and an excellent choice of adornment. Whether you want to make a smashing statement, or simply to accessorize elegantly, there are options out there to suit your unique look for your special day. We suggest that you begin by previewing classic pearl wedding jewelry options like a Mikimoto 18” pearl strand. A perfect match for this necklace would be these subtle 18k white gold Mikimoto stud earrings. Tradition is tried and true, and brides always look beautiful and timeless in white pearls.

Want to get a little more... sculptural? John Iverson’s 18k yellow gold “jacks” pearl earrings somehow evoke both the retro children’s game, and sophistication. Pair them with a Jane Taylor hinged cuff bracelet in 14k yellow gold, with inlaid pearls, for completely on-trend look. Be a little more bold with mixed materials, such as this bangle bracelet that sports 18k yellow and white gold, diamonds, and gold and white pearls. It can only be described as a piece of art for your wrist. These pearl bridal jewelry designs are polished, yet playful, and they certainly offer a good balance for your wedding day.

We can’t forget the most important woman at the wedding... besides you, of course! The mother of the bride may want to unlock the full spectrum of pearl wedding jewelry possibilities with darker tones, like this 16” black south sea pearl necklace with an 18k white gold and diamond clasp, by none other than Mikimoto. Does she prefer to layer up her look? Have fun with the luxurious designer Assael, with pieces like this Tahitian pearl and moonstone necklace, on 18k white gold chains. Pearls not only come in black, but also in grey and gold. This extra-long, 46” mixed-color pearl necklace can be doubled for maximum effect.

For a fully organic look, brides or MOBs might want to try freshwater pearls. Characterized as having a unique and asymmetrical shape. Instead of spheres, you’ll find bubbly forms, pear shapes, and more. A necklace that alternates 6mm and 10mm sizes of pearls on a 14k gold chain could be just what you’re looking for. Match with dangling freshwater pearl drop earrings in 14k, and you’re golden.

Putting the finishing touches on your look for this special, once-in-a-lifetime day should be fun. The good thing with pearls is, it’s also easy! Just take a look at all of the pearl jewelry options available online at Lux Bond & Green, or visit a brick and mortar store in CT or MA, to help you get prepped for your wedding day. Follow in the footsteps of Chinese empresses and the Greek ruling class, by adorning yourself and your loved ones in pearl wedding jewelry.