Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Mother's Day Jewelry Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is truly special because it’s a holiday that celebrates the one thing that every single human being has: a mom! As she might be happy to remind you, without her, there would be no you. Mothers are the link between family generations; they are the nurturers, givers, and rocks. Every day is a good day to show Mom how much you care, but Mother’s Day offers a once-a-year opportunity to make her feel fantastic. Jewelry is a tried-and-true winning gift idea for Mother’s Day, and with this ultimate gift guide, we can help you find the perfect present for your one-of-a-kind mom!

Classic Mom

If your mother is the kind of lady who does it all effortlessly—she’s put together, energetic, enthusiastic, supportive, accomplished, and inspiring—a classic piece of jewelry might be the gift she’ll cherish most this year. Gold and diamonds from Roberto Coin would surely make her smile, such as the Criss Cross Barocco Ring featuring 18k braided yellow gold and pave diamonds, or the delicate Barocco Diamond Necklace featuring a marquise cut pendant and diamond stations along the chain. Fabergé jewelry is about as classic as it gets, and a matte 18k rose gold “cushion” ring, studded with diamonds, or a Heritage Collection pink guilloche enamel egg pendant, would be further great choices this Mother’s Day.

New Mom

Is your family growing? Lux Bond & Green has some perfect gifts for Mom that will celebrate your family’s newest addition to motherhood. 18k white gold Forevermark diamond studs with a halo of diamonds would be a memorable gift at this special time, and studs like these are also subtle enough so as not to tempt a baby’s curious hands. Other thoughtful choices are pendant charms from Rembrandt, in darling shapes such as a 14k gold “number one mom,” or a tiny sterling silver baby pacifier. Lux Bond & Green’s Tesoro Lockets, also offer a touching way to commemorate an inaugural year of motherhood.


Grandma counts twice on Mother’s Day! Shower her with loving gifts from designers like Evocateur, who uses reminiscent images to tell detailed stories...just like Grandma. For example, gold leaf cuff bracelets like the Esme, featuring vintage pink roses and braided ropes, the modern art-esque Taos cuff, or the Blue Clam version illustrating galaxies in the night sky, would make perfect gifts. There is so much variety available with Evocateur’s cuffs that you’re sure to find one that is perfect match for your family’s matriarch.

Trendy Mom

Trendy moms, those who are at home at a concert or wine bar, deserve jewelry that’s on the cutting-edge of fashion. The Italian brand, Presavento, makes rings, necklaces, and bracelets which feature coiled silver wire coated in rhodium, ruthenium, or 18k gold vermeil, sometimes interspersing diamonds, or including a coating of dark brown, grey, or black gemstone dust. These innovative techniques add texture and sparkle, and are sure to make her friends ask, “where did you get that!” For instance, this rose gold vermeil rope necklace, or this pink vermeil ring with dark brown dust, are definite conversation starters.

Pet Mom

Since you’ve moved out, has your mother filled the nest with another baby...of the furry kind? Celebrate Mom and “Fluffy’s” new devotion to one another with gifts like an Alex Woo sterling silver dog bone or paw print charm this Mother’s Day. Rings from Ponte Vecchio are another option for serious pet moms. Select from wrap-around, realistic and cute sculptural rings of breeds such as French Bulldogs, German Shepherds, and Labrador Retrievers in painted enamel, or sterling silver. Perhaps horses are Mom’s animal of choice? Horse themed jewelry from Gucci could be the perfect present for horse moms, such as this beautifully crafted, 18k yellow gold horsebit charm on an oval link chain, or this 18k yellow gold bracelet with linked horsebits and brown diamond stations.

Natural Mama

We have a variety of fitting jewelry options for the mama that cured your ailments with herbal remedies, and who lives an enlightened and spiritual lifestyle. Flower earrings by artist and designer John Iversen are organic and handmade, like these hydrangea drops in sterling silver with freshwater pearls. Mabel Chong is another designer whose beautiful message of her own mother’s sacrifices speak through her inspired jewelry. Dripping labradorite “firecracker” beads on a fine link gold filled chain, or little teardrop clusters of rainbow sapphires on gold filled ear wires, are artistic, bright, and unique, just like your mother.

On-The-Go Mom

Is your mom always on the go? Grabbing her gym bag to head for spin class, or jetting for the airport at least once a month? Halcyon Days bracelets are made for ladies on the go. A leather bracelet with 18k gold panels or a cream-colored “wildlife” bangle in enamel and 18k gold are choices that would go with any outfit and travel easily. Similarly, rubber bracelets wrapped in sterling silver and plated in rose gold come in white and black. Choose one...or both!

Mother’s Day is only a few short weeks away, so use this guide to the fullest and find that perfect present for the most special woman in your world: Mom. Explore so many more choices at Lux Bond & Green online, or browse our in-store selections in Connecticut or Massachusetts!