Influential Fine Jewelry Designers that Truly Shine

Influential Fine Jewelry Designers that Truly Shine

What makes jewelry truly “fine”? It comes down to the details. Pure materials like specially alloyed gold, silver, and platinum. Natural diamonds and precious stones like rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Hand-hewn textures and surfaces. An unparalleled eye for design and fashion. Fine jewelry is truly our specialty at Lux Bond & Green! The designers that we partner with and the styles that we select demonstrate our unwavering commitment to quality, and we’re so happy to take this moment to show you what “fine” really means.

Roberto Coin’s Princess Flower Earrings, which blend diamonds and marquise cut sapphires in white gold, are the pinnacle of everyday elegance. Made with the finest materials, the Princess Flower line is as royal as its name. From trend-forward tiered necklaces like this three-strand 18k yellow gold paperclip necklace with diamond accent, or edgy 18k gold with black diamonds Verona ring, we think that one marker of a fine design is flexibility to fit different tastes in jewelry. With more than fifty years of experience in fine jewelry making, Roberto Coin’s brand is dedicated to making every person who wears his designs feel simply lucky.

Gumuchian was founded on the principles of fine European craftsmanship. A family brand run by a mother and her daughters, this company is proud to be involved in every step of the jewelry-making process. From selecting diamonds in Antwerp, to making jewelry in New York, Gumuchian designs glow with an aura of care, quality, and passion. For instance, these fantastic art-deco style Secret Garden earrings use creative geometric designs in 18k white gold to display glittering diamonds. Riffs on Gumuchian’s honey bee inspired line can be found in the B Collection Pave Diamond Ring, which sports honeycomb shapes incised with pave diamonds, in 18k yellow and white gold. Fine jewelry designers like Gumuchain use a good deal of intuition to arrive at popular, gorgeous styles for the in-tune woman.

“Positively exquisite” is probably the best way to describe the artwork—we mean, fine jewelry—of Polly Wales. Polly Wales necklaces, rings, and earrings are meant to be rough from the start. In her designs, multicolored sapphires, from blue to white to pink and all other colors of the rainbow, break through the gold surface like a geode from within the Earth. Polly Wales fine gold jewelry is for those who truly want something unique, since every piece is a little different. You can find her work exclusively at Lux Bond & Green’s West Hartford store.

IPPOLITA jewels are like a tall glass of icy lemonade: fresh, colorful, and sweet. Pieces like the Lollipop and Lollitini Necklace, combine black shell, mother of pearl, quartz, turquoise, and chalcedony, to whimsical and carefree results. Born in Italy in 1999 and fueled by the mission to fill the void between

“cool” and “fine,” IPPOLITA sure hits the nail on the head. Having fun with fine jewelry is easy with earrings like the Wonderland Drops in clear quartz and mother of pearl, or in bracelets like the Lollipop Amethyst Bangle or the Lollipop London Blue Topaz Bangle. There are few other designers who do such a good job of brightening both your look and your spirits.

Henri Daussi is our go-to suggestion for special engagement and diamond wedding rings. The Loots family has had a long-burning passion for cutting the world’s most brilliant diamonds, and stunners in 18k white gold like this cushion cut diamond ring with a pave halo, or this twisted diamond band do not disappoint. Partnering the knowledge that these fine rings will last a lifetime, with the trustworthiness of a family business, brings Henri Daussi’s devotion to heritage to your family too.

The unusual and artistic feel of Alex Sepkus fine jewelry exists in the place where old meets new. 18k yellow gold pieces like the soft mosaic pendant with pink and orange sapphires as well as diamonds, or the green and blue sapphire and diamond ring feel both contemporary and ancient at once. Interesting patterning and playful elements like the “little window” diamond earrings contribute to the playfulness and intrigue of Alex Sepkus fine gold jewelry.

We wouldn’t send you anywhere else than to Mikimoto for the highest quality pearls. With over one hundred years of experience, Mikimoto balances tradition and innovation in their designs. From short black south sea cultured pearls strands, to double strand A+ white pearl necklace, classic post earrings, to statement-making drop earrings with diamonds, Mikimoto crafts fine pearl jewelry in all shapes and forms from the best the world has to offer.

Fine jewelry is our true specialty at Lux Bond & Green, and supporting these visionary designers, and so many more, is the driving force of our family business. Shop fine jewelry online today or visit one of our brick-and-mortar jewelry stores for a full shopping experience.